iOS 14 Features

Rumors of iOS 14 features have just started to gather momentum, and looking at all the leaks that have surfaced recently, it seems to be the right time to catch up with the upcoming iOS version to be announced during WWDC 2020.

Along with performance improvement, we also expect iOS 14 to embrace some notable highlights. Based on our instincts and what the rumor mills say, we have listed all possible iOS 14 features that are likely to grace your iPhone and iPad in 2020.

iOS 14 Features and Release Date Rumors

Slack-like Mention in iMessage

Group chats are becoming a crowded space in iMessages. And therefore, Apple is planning to find a better solution here. In its next software update, users can tag friends so that others can conveniently ignore that message on their iPhones.

The feature is already available on Slack as people have appreciated it a lot on their Mac and iOS devices.

Typing indicators are also in the offing; this will enable you to see who is typing in a group chat.

If you are assigned a task in the Messages app, you can mark that message as unread. An icon of unread messages will continuously remind you of unfinished tasks.

Banner-based Call Notification

Call Screen Concept for iOS 14

The days are gone when a phone used to be primarily considered for making and receiving calls. With time, it has vastly evolved to be a top-notch pocket camera health and fitness tracker, a hub for controlling smart home devices, and whatnot.

Despite such evolution, whenever a call comes, it takes over the entire screen, thereby putting all other tasks on the back burner. Come on, it’s 2020! And Apple should better introduce a banner-based call notification feature in iOS 14 so that the incoming call won’t take over the entire screen.

iPad-like Multitasking on iPhone

iOS 14 Concept Reveals Split View in iPhone
Image Credit: TechBlood

Going by the rumors, Apple is all set to introduce as many as 4 iPhone 12 Series devices at the September event. While two iPhones will flaunt 6.1-inch screen sizes, one will feature a 5.4-inch screen and the big daddy will rock a massive 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR Display. Could you believe it!

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While I have always loved using an iPhone with an ultra-large screen, I think Apple doesn’t yet offer a way to get the most out of the big screen. There is no point in having a 6.7-inch real estate if you can’t get some pie out of multitasking features like Split View, Picture-in-Picture mode, and Slide Over.

The support for these features in iOS 14 (at least on the big daddy) will make the smartphone more productive and a better tool to kill two birds with one stone.

Apple Pencil Support for Pro Max Devices in iOS 14

While Apple Pencil support for the iPhone may seem a little too much for many, I think it’s the right time to turn the page (from being a stylus hater to a lover) and embrace this aspect. Again, the prime reason why I’m kind of endorsing it is because of the ever-increasing screen size of the iPhone.

With the so-called iPhone 12 Pro Max likely to have a whopping 6.7-inch display, the idea of making the Apple Pencil work with the smartphone doesn’t seem a bad proposition. Having tried my hands on the digital pen and found it pretty good on the iPad, I would give it a thumbs up if Apple decides to bring it on with iOS 14.

Theme-Kit Feature in iOS 14

Recreated System Notifications on iOS 14
Image Credit : wccftech

Unlike Android, iOS offers very little space for customization. While it sounds alright from a seamless performance point of view, considering too many tweaks can make the whole experience chaotic, at times the walled garden seems a little too mundane. And I guess even the greatest Apple fanboys may agree to it.

That’s the reason why I’m calling for a well-structured theme-kit that can offer some nice customization into the mix. Using the native customization tool, one can personalize the app icons and even tweak the layout of the home screen. As customization would be optional, the old-timers can keep it away if they don’t like it. And the ones who like to sing and dance can go for it full on.

Quick and Easy Access to App Store Updates

After the release of iOS 13, Apple Arcade has replaced the Updates, and this makes it difficult for users to update apps on their iPhones and iPads. Currently, users have to touch-and-hold the App Store icon on the home screen to update apps. Instead, users would expect the Updates icon in the bottom menu of the App Store.

Mouse Support to iOS Devices

Apple has already surprised users by launching mouse support in iOS 13 Accessibility. In its next iOS 14/iPadOS 14, the tech giant will move a step further and plan to offer system-wide cursor support. This decision reminds us of the rumored Smart Keyboard with a trackpad, which many industry insiders claim to be in the pipeline for iPad Pro.

Mac users will feel like using a MacBook Pro trackpad or mouse. Isn’t it another reason we should believe Apple plans to replace its laptop with tablets?

As of now, there are five features we can expect to change your interaction with iPad Pro and iPhone: Disappearance of a cursor, multiple pointers, Right-click, Tap to click, and Switching apps.

  • On your Mac, you can see the cursor always remains on the screen. Unlike this, the cursor on your iPad will disappear if not used for a few seconds. Once you touch the mouse or mousepad, the cursor will reappear.
  • When users hover the cursor over a link, a standard arrow pointer will be converted to a hand.
  • With two fingers, you can right-click.
  • Tap to click is currently available on the Mac trackpad, and in iPadOS 14, it is likely to be available on the smart keyboard of iPad Pro.
  • By using a gesture, users can switch between applications; with a similar gesture, users can open a Launchpad.

New Augmented Reality App

“Get more information about the world around you” through AR. Apple plans to achieve this dream by launching a new augmented reality app in its next iOS update. The app has a code name: Gobi.

Apple has joined hands with Starbucks; in an Apple Store, users will be expected to hold their iPhones to check product details.

Convert Apple Pencil Notes into Typed Text

This one could be a direct import from Samsung’s recently released Lite versions of Note 10 and S10 series smartphones. However, it will be quite a useful feature for users who quickly want to jot down something in their Notes app or anywhere. This feature also helps users send a quick message to their friends, family, and office colleagues.

New HomeKit Features

Rumor mills expect two significant features in iOS 14 HomeKit: Night Shift for Lights and Facial Recognition for Cameras.

In case you have connected smart lights to Apple HomeKit, you will be able to adjust the temperature based on the time of the day. To reduce blue light exposure, Apple may introduce a Night Shift feature (in HomeKit) users are already using on their Mac and iOS devices.

With this new update, users would be able to set more blue lights to match the outdoor light from the sun, and at night, the lights would turn warmer.

A smarter facial recognition for cameras would beef up security around your home and office. A new HomeKit Secure Video feature with people identification ability differentiates between your family members and strangers.

Moreover, this technology can also recognize animals and vehicles.


For the last couple of years, Apple has been revamping its Accessibility feature in iOS devices. In its next software update, the tech giant plans to introduce features like detecting the sound of fire alarms, doorbells, door knocks, and others for users who have problems of hearing.

Camera apps in devices with iOS 14 compatibility may detect hand gestures. Apple seems to have taken better care of the health of people, as the upcoming iOS 14. Audio accommodation might improve the audio tuning of AirPods or EarPods of users, who are hearing impaired.

Use Third-Party Apps As Default

This will be a significant update in iOS and iPadOS 14. Users can set mail, music, and browser as default apps. Hence, when they tap/click on an email or a link, it will be opened automatically in Gmail or Chrome browser. Similarly, users will be able to play music apps with HomePod using Siri; as of now, this happens only with Apple Music.

Apple has faced severe criticism from all corners for not allowing any other apps to be set as default.

Redesigned Home Screen Layout

Like Apple Watch, users can also explore apps in a list view on their iPhone in iOS 14. Most likely, Apple will set the apps in alphabetical order. Further, users will be able to categorize apps using filters like recently viewed apps or apps with unread notifications.

Wallpaper Options from Third-Party Apps

Until now, iOS users had to download wallpapers from third-party apps. But with iOS 14, developers would be allowed to create wallpaper options in the Settings app on the iPhone. Users will be able to explore different wallpapers from the iPhone settings itself.

Miscellaneous iOS 14 Features Wishlist

Aside from the above-explained iOS 14 features, I’m rooting for the following new add-ons. Hopefully, Apple brings at least some of them into reality. So, I’m keeping the fingers crossed, even though they might seem a little too far-fetched now.

  • A better way to hide personal photos and videos
  • A system-wide app locker
  • A native PDF editor
  • An efficient Screen Time Passcode Recovery Tool
  • The ability to restore from iCloud backup without needing to erase all the existing content and settings
  • The option to download an older version of apps
  • The ability to unlock iPhone using Siri (a little far-fetched now. But hey, I want it badly.)

iOS 14 Release Date

Let’s get it out of the way first up just in case you are wondering when will iOS 14 come out or for that matter when you will be able to try your hands on it!

If Apple decides to remain in sync with the past trends, iOS 14 would see the light of the day at WWDC 2020. And the tech giant would release the iOS 14 beta (for developers and public) subsequently. As always, the official launch of the new iOS version would take place in the fall – somewhere between the 2nd or 3rd/4th week of September.

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