Almost Confirmed iOS 13 Features: Some Pleasant Surprises for iPhone and iPad Users

Based on numerous leaks and strong rumors, we compiled a list of almost confirmed iOS 13 features. Some were long due, while some are great value addition, have a look at it yourself.

As iOS 12 seems to have aged a bit with very little left for imagination, the attention has shifted on the much-awaited iOS 13 features. There have been numerous leaks and rumors, and based on that, it is almost confirmed that certain features are indeed coming to iPhone and iPad with the release of iOS 13.

Some of the features are long-awaited while some are new addition to make the iOS experience more pleasant. To bring a big smile on your face, let me tell you that Dark Mode is finally arriving in your iPhone and iPad; along with many other awesome new features. Just head south and see what’s new with iOS 13.

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Almost Confirmed iOS 13 Features

#1. Mouse and Trackpad Support on iPad

Since the arrival of large-screened iPad, many users have developed a sort of dislike towards Mac laptops as they have converted their iPads into laptops. However, there has always been a question or need for Mouse support. As if their prayers had been answered, iOS 13 would bring mouse support to the iPad.

#2. A Full-Fledged Dark Mode

My eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope when I came to know that Apple has introduced a full-fledged dark mode in macOS Mojave. Having used this very user-friendly feature on Mac and appreciated every aspect of it, I badly want to give it a shot on my iPhone as well. And I guess I’m not alone to have been asking for this.

For those unfamiliar, iOS already has a similar feature called “Smart Invert.” But it’s not a perfect solution as it doesn’t work as efficiently as the dark mode. With iOS 13, the dream is going to be a reality.

#3. Guest Mode for iPad

If you have given thumbs up to “Guest Mode” on mac, chances are you’d like to try out it on the iPad as well. It would become convenient when you want to let someone use your tablet with limited access.

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It has happened to me quite a few times when someone needed my iPad to check their emails or write a quick note urgently. And I had to hand over my tablet with heavy hearts.

Maybe Apple has smelled the need of users. With iOS 13, it is very likely to have multiple accounts on iPad, same as Mojave where you can create a guest account.

#4. Split View in the Same App on iPad

“Split View” makes it very easy to work with two apps simultaneously. But what if you want to use this multitasking feature in the same app on your iPad?

Though you can already use Split View in Safari and also in some third-party apps like Notability, it would be better if this feature works inside each first party and a third-party app. The all new iOS 13 is very likely to improve Split View with the new functionality of using it in the same app.

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#5. New Gestures

Let your fingers do the talking! With iOS 13, Apple is all set to introduce new gestures. This may include a three-finger gesture to undo or redo. While selecting multiple files will also be available using gestures. This feature is surely a great value addition to iOS 13.

#6. An Enhanced Version of Safari

Safari app for iPhone and iPad is also receiving some new features like a dedicated download manager, and automatically prompting the user to load the desktop version of a website on an iPad.

#7. Less obtrusive Volume HUD

The current volume HUD is slightly obstructive, but that is going to change with iOS 13. Though there isn’t a perfect design of how it will look, it will be much better than what it is currently.

#8. All New Stock Apps

Rumor mills have been doing the rounds that Apple is going to introduce some new apps in the upcoming iOS version. Going by the wind, the possibility of a full-fledged calculator app for iPad appears to be on the cards.

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Besides, the tech giant is all set to combine both Find My Friends and Find My Phone into one. As per the rumors, it will have a feature called “Find Network,” to allow the users to track their iPhone even when not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. The device will leverage nearby devices and keep track of the location.

#9. Improved Messages app

iMessage is undoubtedly a great app for a conversation with friends and family. But compared to other messaging apps like WhatsApp, there’s a lot of improvement needed.

Apple may have noticed this and thus, Messages app is about to receive a lot of new features, UI changes, and many other improvements. Some of the features include users can decide who can view their profile picture, and a conversation view to quickly send stickers and Animoji.

#10. New Screen Time Features

Screen Time may be lacking some features at present, but with iOS 13 it is likely to receive new parental control features. This includes limiting who kids contact and when. Also, the parent can control what kids can call only them and no one else during a specific time of the day.

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#11. New Maps app with new features

With the new Maps app in iOS 13, users will be able to create shortcuts of their frequently visited places. This will help them quickly get directions using the shortcut.

#12. Sleep Mode

Personally, I don’t see any need for this feature, but if it is coming with iOS 13; it may have something to offer. Enabling Sleep Mode will automatically turn on Do Not Disturb, mute all notifications, and switch to Dark Mode. Also, it will tie up with Bedtime feature to keep track of your sleep.

#13. Reward System In Apple Books

The new version of Books App will bring the reward system to encourage users to read more. This is indeed a welcoming feature and motivates users to read.

#14. More Fitness-Centric Health App

Health app is also due to receive new addition. With iOS 13, Health app will keep track of noises around you, or how loud you listen to music. It will have a new section called “Hearing Health,” giving you insight about your hearing habits.

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#15. Smarter Siri

Apple’s Siri is smart enough to help in day-to-day tasks, but it’s not perfect. Apple is taking it a step closer to being perfect by making Siri little more powerful and smarter. With iOS 13, Siri will be smart enough to ignore ambient noises and hear your commands in a better way.

#16. Redesigned Reminders App

Turns out, the stock Reminders app for iOS is going to be fully revamped. Considering how useful this app is in day-to-day life, the massive update seems to be well-timed.

As per reports, the app will sport a pretty neat interface and make the process of setting reminders and managing them more straightforward. Better late than never!

Other updates

  • iOS 13 will bring a lot of minor as well as major UI improvements that users have been asking since long.
  • Any existing bugs of iOS 12 will be addressed effectively with iOS 13 release.
  • Font management is expected to improve with the new iOS version.
  • Share Sheet will also update with improved sharing options and much smarter with sharing suggestions.
  • Swipe based keyboard is also arriving with iOS 13 where user can type just by swiping on the keyboard, similar to SwiftKeys.
  • Cross-platform iOS and Mac apps is also due to launch with iOS 13 where a developer can quickly port their existing iOS app for Mac. It will reduce the development time by a noticeable margin.

Let The list Go On and On…

Personally, Dark Mode and Cross-Platform apps structure are what I am looking forward to. These two features are likely to win millions of hearts for Apple. Which one from the list are you looking forward to?

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