iOS 13 Features: All-New Dark Mode, Revamped Apple Maps

iOS 13 Features

At WWDC 2019, Apple has unveiled the much-awaited iOS 13. Claimed to be the most feature-rich iOS update ever, the latest iOS version seems to have got a range of new add-ons up its sleeve.

From an iPhone user’s perspective, iOS 13 features appear to be a pretty good bet. The likes of redesigned Reminders and smarter Siri make the OS really adorable. Not to mention the lightning-fast speed that puts iOS in its own league.

Let’s have a glance at the operating system to discover whether or not it’s got the goods to live up to your billings!

iOS 13 Features: Find Out What the Latest iOS Version Has to Offer

Incredibly Lighter and Faster

iOS 13 is pretty light and runs a lot faster than its predecessor. Apple says that Face ID is 30% faster. Moreover, the apps are going to be 50 percent smaller, and updates will also be 60 percent smaller. It’s going to enhance user-experience on iPhone enormously.

Much-Awaited Dark Mode Finally Arrives

After a long wait, Dark Mode has eventually arrived on iOS. It works seamlessly and makes viewing content a pleasing experience. All those folks who used to complain about eye-strain are definitely going to adore it.

Revamped Apple Maps

One of the biggest highlights of iOS 13 is the revamped Apple Maps. The app now has a favorites row on the launch screen and sports a “collections” feature to organize your favorites and sharing lists with friends.

Apple Maps has got a nice “binoculars” button that allows you to “LookAround” pretty much like Google Street View.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Known to take privacy and security more seriously than other tech companies, Apple has vastly enhanced both the privacy and security features in iOS 13.

Now, you have the option to share your location “just once” to an app. And just in case, you allow any app to access your location continually, iOS will give you reports about it.

Moreover, Apps can’t use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to “infer” your location. From a privacy perspective, it’s going to be a huge step.

You can now securely sign in with Apple using your Face ID. It will start a new account “without revealing any personal information.” Apps will be able to request information, and you get the option to hide your email.

More significantly, Apple will create a random address that will automatically forward to your email.

Smarter HomeKit

HomeKit has become more efficient and smarter than ever before. it’s got a new feature called “Secure Video.” It’s touted as a pretty good solution to cloud services and work proficiently in analyzing videos.

Better still, it analyzes locally. Your data is fully encrypted and uploaded to iCloud securely. Furthermore, Apple HomeKit will also support routers.

More Fun-Loving Messages

iMessaging has got more fun-loving than ever before. It now allows you to share your photos and names more conveniently. Whenever you text, they automatically pop up.

If you love using Memoji, you will find it more appealing as it’s got many new options. The Memoji Stickers can spice up your messaging big time. Keep in mind; it will be compatible with only the iOS devices with the A9 chip.

Much Improved Photos App

The Photos app has received plenty of improvements. It sports a new photo editing interface. Now, it allows you to easily reduce noise as well.

Even better, this editing interface also applies to videos as well. There is also an option to rotate videos.

You can browse photos with ease thanks to a neat Photos tab. Due mainly to advanced machine learning, it can now remove duplicates and clutter with ease. So, your photos library will no longer look in a mess with unwanted pics.

Portrait Lighting Effects

For the folks who adore iPhone photography, there is something to cheer as well. Now, you can take advantage of portrait lighting effects to get fascinating shots like a pro. It will allow you to increase the intensity of light with ease.

Other Important Features:

  • On AirPods, Siri will now be able to read incoming messages
  • To reply to messages, now you don’t need to say “Hey Siri.” Besides, it can seamlessly work with any messaging app that is compatible with SiriKit
  • Thanks to the cool Audio Sharing, you will be able to share audio to another phone so that your friend can listen to what you’re listening to
  • HomePod has got the support for handoff to let you enjoy music seamlessly from one device to the other
  • Due mainly to the multi-user support, HomePod can recognize the voice of multiple users and accordingly respond
  • Siri now supports live radio with iHeartRadio, TuneIn and tons of other stations
  • Siri can guess what words are and then the personal assistant will convert them into tappable and actionable stuff. When you type a person’s name, the virtual assistant will remind you about it in messages
  • CarPlay sports a New CarPlay Dashboard to display plenty of useful enough information. Music has been ideally redesigned and Siri no longer covers the whole screen. Besides, the personal assistant now works with Pandora and Waze as well
  • Safari now provides per-website preferences to boost your web browsing and also make it more private
  • Talking about Reminders, it’s been fully redesigned. When you type any information, the Reminders app will automatically guess when to remind you of it
  • That’s Pretty Much It!

Stay Tuned In For More…

Now that you’d snapped a look at some of the most talked-about iOS 13 features, shoot up your views about it. And yes, if it has been able to pass your acid test, let us know whether you’d like to install iOS 13 beta to explore the latest features.

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So, what’s the one thing that has appealed to you the most in iOS 13? It would be great to have your opinion about the latest iOS version in the comment below.

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