iOS 13 Features Wishlist: 22 Features Can Spice Up the iOS Experience

As the rumors about iOS 13 features seem to have gained momentum, most of us have got our wishlist ready. And I'm also all set to present my 22 features that can make the upcoming iOS version more elegant and intuitive. Take a look!

As iOS 12 seems to have aged a bit with very little left for imagination, the attention has shifted on the much-awaited iOS 13 features. And this is the time when one of the hottest questions that take center stage on Reddit, Quora, and other popular forums are– what’s your wishlist for the upcoming iOS version?

Having taken part in several discussions, I had also been planning to spill the beans about my iOS 13 features wishlist. Here I’m with 21 new add-ons that can make the OS more elegant.

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Barring a few wildcards, I’ve ensured my wishes do not appear too demanding. Some of them may not have been present exclusively on my radar, but they have appealed me a lot. Thus, I’ve decided to bring those much-awaited goodies on my list as well.

And oh, some of my favorites are also inspired by iOS’ biggest counterpart- Android! But I believe there is no harm in stealing some piece of cake from your rival’s camp–if it can spice up your game. Without wasting any time, dive in to snap a look at some of my favorite iOS 13 features!

iOS 13 Wishlist: If Only Apple Made These Goodies Came True

#1. Mouse and Trackpad Support on iPad

Since the arrival of large-screened iPad, many users have developed a sort of dislike towards Mac laptops as they have converted their iPads into laptops. However, there has always been a question or need of Mouse and Trackpad. As if their prayers had been answered, Federico Viticci, editor of MacStories revealed that iOS 13 would bring mouse and trackpad support to iPad. Federico’s revelation is supported by Irish developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who tweeted, “As far as I’m aware, that is indeed in the works.”

#2. Dynamic Wallpaper

Wouldn’t it be great if your wallpaper changed dynamically based on the time of the day? It would always make the Home or lock screen look nice. Or at least, your screen won’t look dull.

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This feature is inspired by macOS Mojave’s “Dynamic Desktop.” Ever since I put my hands on this unique wallpaper, I’ve loved every bit of it. The best part about it is that it never lets my desktop look passive. And I’d like to have this dynamic wallpaper in iOS 13 as well.

#3. Lock Apps With Face/Touch ID

There are some apps like finance, tax, and photos, which I always want to keep shielded against unauthorized access. Of course, there is a workaround that can lock apps on iPhone or iPad. However, it’s not perfect.

Locking apps with Face/Touch ID would be a worthy addition. This functionality would help you safeguard your sensitive information and also keep the prying eyes at bay. And I don’t see any reason why Apple can’t introduce it in the upcoming iOS version.

#4. Use Apple Maps Offline

Before getting started for a long trip, I don’t forget to download offline areas to ensure my navigation never comes to a halt. As we all know that cellular connection doesn’t work well everywhere in the world. And there are many areas where it might even go out of the grid.

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Knowing that Apple has promised to completely revamp its Maps app, it would be befitting to add the option to use Apple Maps offline. It would help you not just navigate without any hiccups but also avoid data roaming charges.

#5. Advanced Calculator App for iPad

Apple offers a calculator app only for iPhone. And I think it would be apt to make this app available for iPad as well.

The stock app is basic in functionality and lacks several advanced features like graphing and scientific calculations. Moreover, it doesn’t offer customization options either unlike many other third-party calculator apps.

Knowing that iPad is popular both among students and business people, a superior calculator app can be a great addition. Though I don’t have to solve complex Math too often, I do miss a smart calculator that can shoot out riddles in the blink of an eye.

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#6. PiP Mode on iPhone

You wanted it for long, didn’t you? Many a time, we love to watch fun-loving videos while browsing the web or snapping a note. It’s the sort of feature that can keep us supercharged.

Unfortunately, PiP mode is available only on iPad. Considering the huge demand and the giant screen size of the latest iPhones, it’s high time Apple introduced picture-in-picture mode on the pocket computers as well.

There is no point in having such a gorgeous OLED display if you can’t get the most out it.

#7. Drag and Drop on iPhone

I know most of you would be craving to use “Drag and Drop” on iPhone, wouldn’t you? I’m also in the same plane.

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I enjoy dragging and dropping images, text, URL and what not from one app to the other on the iPad. It makes the task pretty simple and also speeds up productivity.

Knowing that the latest iPhones boast a huge display, drag and drop functionality would work elegantly. I wish Apple added it on iPhone as well.

#8. Always-On-Display

Among a wide range of highly adorable watchOS features, the one that I’ve always found appreciable is “Nightstand Mode.” Times when my Apple Watch is being juiced up, this feature turns the smartwatch into a super handy bedside time-telling piece.

I want iOS 13 to have “Always-On-Display” pretty much on the same line–but with a little bit of twist. The display should always show time and date on the Lock screen. Thus, even when you are not using the device, it would work as a useful time-telling device.

Thanks to the OLED screen, Always-On-Display will require fewer pixels to work. That means it would consume minimal battery. So, there is no concern about the battery drain.

#9. Pause Video While Recording

Imagine a situation where you are recording a cool video. Suddenly, an important thing comes to your mind, and you have to stop recording the video.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have a pause button so that you can continue right from where you had left off? Ten to one, you’d like to have it.

It’s indeed sad that Apple Camera app lacks a such a handy feature. I’ve been calling for this add-on for a long time and would really appreciate if this nifty little feature finally gets a go ahead.

#10. Enable Torch/Flash While Recording the Video

You just started to shoot a nice video. All of a sudden, you realize that torch or flash would enhance the video quality. Won’t you wish to enable it with just a touch of a button? Ditto, you’d like to get this tiny little feature baked right inside the Camera app.

Personally, it’s been on my list ever since I learned how to hit the red shutter button. Literally.

#11. Switch Frame Rate Right From Camera

Supposing you are recording a 720p HD video at 120 fps on your iPhone. While shooting the moment, you think it’d be better to record the video at 240 fps. How would you get it done? Hop into the Settings app → Camera and then switch the frame rate. This is really not done!

I think it makes sense to allow users to switch the frame rate right from the Camera app itself. Of course, it may not be a huge deal for many folks. But if you often capture videos and love to blast it on social media, you’d be glad to get it.

#12. Apple Pencil Support for iPhone

Gone were the times when iPhone used to sport a tiny 3.5/4-inch screen. Now, the latest iPhone models flaunt ultra-large screen that can be utilized for not just media viewing but also sketching images and taking down quick notes using an elegant stylus like Apple Pencil.

There are very few people who may entertain the idea of using Apple Pencil on iPhone. And to a great extent, I can buy their points. However, I have a strong feeling that it can be a notable addition for the people who love coloring or sketching their thoughts during leisure times.

#13. Find My Apple Pencil

I often misplace my things and to prevent my valuables from being lost forever, I take the help of Bluetooth trackers. Apple offers a pretty solid device-tracking feature called “Find My iPhone.”

If you can use this advanced security feature to find your misplaced AirPods, why shouldn’t it work with Apple Pencil as well to let you locate the stylus with ease? Of course, it entirely depends on the Bluetooth connection and will only show the last location of the stylus in case of being lost.

However, that would be more than enough to keep your precious digital pen well within your reach.

#14. Merge Duplicate Contacts

If not managed perfectly, your Contacts app will get cluttered. There is one feature that can go a long way in managing the address book and also keeping it fully organized is merging the duplicate contacts and also deleting multiple unnecessary ones at once.

There are several third-party contact managers that allow you to take control of your address book. For instance, you can instantly nab all the redundant contacts and shoot them out with just a tap. Besides, many of them let you export your contacts to an Excel sheet. It would be better if Apple takes some cues from these third-party contact apps.

#15. Cellular Data Usage Indicator

You had got limited bandwidth and thought it would be more than enough to last the entire month. But it turns out to be completely opposite, and your data pack runs out of steam well before the end of the month. That’s when you think it would have been better, had there been an option to keep an eye on the mobile data consumption.

Well, it had happened to me quite a few times when I used to get the limited bandwidth. From what I have experienced, a native data tracker can save the day for many users.

#16. macOS Like Stacks Feature on iPad

“Stacks” makes it a lot easier to keep the desktop fully organized on Mac. For instance, you can choose to store your files based on several things like date modified, created and more. A similar feature on iPad could be a well-thought-out addition.

What if there is a feature that can automatically put all of your recently used apps in a folder and drop all the apps that you hadn’t used for a month in a separate folder. This way you will be able to access the most used apps quickly and also keep the Home screen clean.

#17. Skip 10/15 Seconds Forward/Backward in Native Video Player

While watching movies or TV shows, we often want to skip some of the unwanted parts. Likewise, if we fail to catch up with some interesting portions, we like to go back.

That’s the reason why I’m willing to have an option to skip 10/15 seconds forward/backward in the native video player. Again not a big ask but a fine add-on for the folks who adore binge-watching.

#18. A Full-Fledged Dark Mode

My eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope when I came to know that Apple has introduced a full-fledged dark mode in macOS Mojave. Having used this very user-friendly feature on Mac and appreciated every aspect of it, I badly want to give it a shot on my iPhone as well. And I guess I’m not alone to have been asking for this.

For those unfamiliar, iOS already has a similar feature called “Smart Invert.” But it’s not a perfect solution as it doesn’t work as efficiently as the dark mode.

#19. Guest Mode for iPad

If you have given thumbs up to “Guest Mode” on mac, chances are you’d like to try out it on the iPad as well. It would become very handy when you want to let someone use your tablet with limited access.

It has happened to me quite a few times when someone needed my iPad to check their emails or write a quick note urgently. And I had to hand over to my tablet with heavy hearts.

That’s the main reason why I’m pitching for the guest mode for iPad. And honestly speaking, I wouldn’t mind if it sneaks onto the radar of my iPhone as well.

#20. Split View in the Same App on iPad

“Split View” makes it very easy to work with two apps simultaneously. But what if you want to use this multitasking feature in the same app on your iPad?

Though you can already use Split View in Safari and also in some third-party apps like Notability, it would be better if this feature works inside each first party and a third-party app.

When you are taking a note or writing down a serious piece, you can quickly snap a look at all the things you have to cover on the other page without needing to go back and forth.

#21. Power Off With Face/Touch ID Authentication

What if your iPhone is stolen and the thief turns off the device to prevent “Find My iPhone” from tracking its location. How would you locate your lost iPhone? Sorry, you won’t be able to track your device if it’s not turned ON and connected to an Internet connection.

That’s why the option to power off with Face/Touch ID authentication would be a wise addition to Apple’s already robust roster of security features. Forget about this safety aspect; I never want anyone to switch off my device without my permission. It, kinda, makes me feel that my device is not secure.

#22. Make Face ID Unlock iPhone In Any Orientation

On iPad Pro 2018, you can unlock your device using Face ID in any orientations. So, it doesn’t matter how you hold your device; you will jump on the home screen with just a simple glance.

On iPhone X series, you must hold your device in portrait mode to unlock using the facial recognition. Though it’s not a huge deal, I’d be glad to go to the iPad way. What about you?

Let The Wishlist Go On and On…

If you think that I’m done, then you are wrong. But instead of including the features that are running in my mind, I would like to pick up your favorites. So, if you think that I’ve missed out on some killer things, do not forget to let me know them down below in the comments.

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