iOS 12 Vs. Android Pie: Which OS Version is the Winner?

There have always been some heated arguments in favor of and against iOS and Android operating systems. This article aims to check the pros and cons of both operating systems.

While it is quite difficult to announce which OS version will get the Winner’s title right now, I have made a list of the following features from which we can make a prediction.

With iOS 12 Beta 10 release and Android Pie hitting many new Android devices, the debate revolving around iOS 12 vs. Android Pie is getting more intense. Users of both operating systems are more curious to announce their mobile OS to be the winner of the market. However, can we announce the winner now? If so, on what basis?

Taking the thought forward, I have compared the two latest OS versions based on various factors in this article, which is as follows:

Comparison Between iOS 12 and Android Pie


Starting from gesture controls, Google has tried to provide a better experience to Android users. The tech giant has improved the gesture and notch support to a considerable extent. However, the Android 9.0 is still not 100% gestural just like iOS 12, basically due to platform fragmentation. So, iOS 12 seems to be the winner at this point.

Photos App

When you compare iOS 12 and Android 9.0 Pie on the basis of photos, it will again be an interesting revelation. On one side, the iOS 12 photos app has introduced a new “For You” section where you can see all your favorite moments from any event (photos combined from Memories and iCloud Shared Albums.)

Along with, you can receive suggestions for sharing photos with your friends from an event, and much more. While, on the other side, the Google Photos will support search suggestions for any event, people or group. You will be able to even make customized searches, like Vacation photos from August 2018.

Voice Assistant

Android Pie seems to be the winner due to the unmatched features of Google Assistant. However, the inside story is quite different. While Google Assistant is focusing on adding a human touch to the conversation, the Siri is focused on providing real-time support.

The Siri is more focused on showing Weather forecasts on the lock screen, which seems to be a great aid in case of natural calamities and emergency conditions. Likewise, Siri lets you configure all the routines on your own and get the services faster, whereas Google Assistant do it for you based on what it already knows about you.

While I agree that these two factors are not enough to say that Siri can beat Google Assistant, this can be considered as the beginning of a new phase of the competition.

AR Implementation

Another critical area to consider in iOS 12 and Android Pie battle is the implementation of Augmented Reality. Both ARKit and ARCore are making us wow with various significant updates unveiled at WWDC 2018 and I/O 2018, respectively. However, when it comes to playing with AR apps and tools, Apple is leading with a wider audience using the latest updated software. But, it will still be too early to give the winning trophy to any, provided both the tech giants are giving stiff competition to each other.

Performance and Update

Apple, as far as what I realized, is putting its best efforts to ensure that iOS 12 reaches to a larger audience. The latest iOS version is expected to support a wider range of iPhone and iPad devices, much more than what we have seen in the past.

The iOS 12 is said to be supporting all the devices starting from 2013’s iPhone 5S and iPad Air. Besides, the newest version is expected to provide better performance experience to the users, which was a pain point in iOS 11.

On the other side, Google has introduced the Project Treble, which will solve the Android’s historically gloomy approach to pushing an update. The Project Treble will distinguish the bulk of Android from the UI tweaks and customizations that are controlled by the Phone makers, and this way will help to push updates more frequently and swiftly (no involvement of Phone makers required.)

This new feature introduced by Google will change the future of Android mobile app development and so, make the iOS 12 vs. Android P competitions far interesting.

So, as we have seen so far, both the Apple and Google are rolling out its new features and tools to blow our mind. Though most of them seem similar, they are still good enough to make the iOS 12 vs. Android Pie choice far difficult. What do you say? Do you agree with my point? Or do have something new to add to this article? Share your views in the comment section below.

Signing off…

The battle between iOS and the Android operating system seems never-ending. Each time, Apple’s iOS emerges as victorious with its superior features. Apple has always emphasized the privacy and security of users. Android, by its very nature, cannot promise privacy, as the operating system is open source. The battle will continue; it is up to users what OS they want to choose!

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