iOS 12 Vs Android Pie: 5 Features that Make iOS 12 A Cut Above Android P

As per my opinion, these five features put iOS 12 a step ahead of Android 9 Pie. Read on to take a close look at them and do share your inputs to kick-start the debate!

Both Apple and Google have come out with their most refined OS for the mobile devices. I have given both operating systems a long run on my secondary devices. From what I have experienced, Apple’s iOS seems to be more fluid and secure. I have rounded up the five features that put iOS 12 a step ahead of Android Pie.

So, what separates iOS 12 from its Android counterpart? Beyond the neatly designed features, what stands out for the latest iteration of iOS is the incredible smoothness and the high efficiency. More after the jump…

iOS 12 Vs Android 9 Pie: 5 Features that Make iOS 12 A Cut Above Android P

Robust Parental Control

Though iOS had offered better parental control for long, Apple has completely nailed it with iOS 12. The inclusion of “Screen Time” has added the x-factor. Using this advanced feature, you can effortlessly keep track of the device usage and even impose the restriction on app usage. For instance, if you find your kid playing games too much, you can limit its usage.

How to Use Screen Time in iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad

It lets you ideally customize privacy and even restrict contents. Case in point, you can completely block explicit content and prevent your kid from installing or making an in-app purchase.

Screen Time keeps you posted with a weekly report about the usage of your device and the set time limits about the apps you wish to control perfectly.

If you are using it as a parent, you will receive reports for your child’s screen time. Using the insightful report, you will be able to tighten the screw further or discover the loopholes to remove!

That aside, it can also prove to be exceptionally handy in getting rid of smartphone addiction.

Siri Shortcuts

The “Shortcuts” integration has just proved to be a big shot in the arm for Siri. Of course, Apple’s personal assistant is not as competent as Google Assistant. However, the Shortcuts can change the game in favor of the former.

How to Create Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

Many a time, I don’t want to speak the full phrase to Siri especially when I’m in public places or at home due to privacy. With the shortcut on offer, I will just need to speak the secret phrase to get my work done using the virtual assistant. For example, I like keeping track of the stock price of Apple; I can set a shortcut like “Price” to instantly access the real-time stock price.

There are two obvious advantages of the shortcuts—to get the work done with the needed privacy and get it done a lot faster.

Superior Password Manager

Managing password had never been smooth sailing for me. Though I have always taken the help of third-party password managers to get on top of all the sensitive keys, the wish to have an inbuilt password manager had always been on top of my radar.

How to Share Passwords using AirDrop in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

With iOS 12, Apple has made password management remarkably plain sailing. The iCloud Keychain has become more versatile and efficient in letting you handle all of your secret codes with optimum ease. Even better, it also works with third-party apps so that you have the added convenience to deal with all of your sensitive codes.

To ensure, you have the desired security, it suggests you unique passwords that are extremely hard to guess. iOS 12 automatically saves your passwords to iCloud Keychain irrespective of where you create them. Moreover, it syncs them across your devices so that you can access them from any of your devices. That’s what called simplifying and streamlined a feature in its true form!

Awesome Memoji

Agreed, many folks still find Animoji nothing more than just a gimmick. And I do agree with them to some extent. To find out how hot an ingredient it’s for spiced up messaging, ask those who are enamored by fun-loving messaging.

How to Create Memoji in iOS 12 on iPhone X

If Animoji has been sensational, Memoji is like a cherry on the cake! And, you have to give it a shot to find out how cool it really is.

Personally, when I’m in the mood to rev up the conversation, I want my armory to be loaded with enough fireworks never to let the tempo go down.

Creating a custom Memoji avatar on iPhone X and using it fire up messaging and even FaceTime is something I have loved having a go at. When I’m engaged with the endless conversation with friends and loved ones, I make the most of out-of-the-box ingredients to express all the colors of emotions with élan.

I’m delighted that my library of hot tricks has got plenty to let me shoot the answer of each expression hilariously. Android P lacks a built-in messaging app that can go head-to-head iMessage. To call a spade a spade, even WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger can’t stand even close to Apple’s stock messaging app—let alone giving it a strong fight!

Wide Compatibility

Believe me, I still see quite a few people using iPhone 5s. Remember, it was launched way back in 2013. As compared to it, there are very people who are still rocking on Galaxy S5 or the ones that were rolled out around the same time. That means, even if you have a five-year-old device, you can rock the latest iOS and get almost all the new features that the latest flagship iPhone can use.

iOS 12 Supported Devices

It’s this wide compatibility that stands iOS 12 apart from the rest. As someone who loves to explore all new features, I’m glad to know that it can run smoothly even on an old iPhone or iPad.

For the folks who can afford to buy an all-new iPhone each year, it may not seem to be a big deal. However, for those who can’t go for a new iPhone every year, this is indeed a huge deal.

Signing off:

So, these are the features that set Apple’s latest iOS iteration apart from its Android counterpart. What’s your thought about it? And, do you agree with my opinion? Feel free to shoot your views down below in the comments to trigger a long discussion.

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