iOS 12 Features: Screen Time, Enhanced Parental Controls, and More

iOS 12 features a good many new add-ons. Hence, it would be really great to have a close look at all the new additions that have come loaded with the latest iOS version. So, let’s run through the post and tell us if the OS has stood up to your expectation!

Apple has unveiled iOS 12 at WWDC 2018. And from what I can see, the latest iOS version looks more geared up towards providing more secure, stable and improved performance. However, the OS still has got plenty of newbies to appeal to those who have a penchant for trying out latest features. And you need to have a glance at the iOS 12 features first to believe how neatly crafted the OS is!

Among a good many new add-ons, the ones that have headlined for me are screen time and more functional parental controls. Memoji has also appealed me a lot. But these are just the tip of the iceberg!

iOS 12 Features

More Powerful AR

Apple worked with Pixar to make a new file format for AR: USDZ. It’s designed to work in multiple apps smoothly. It will be supported by a number of well-known companies like Adobe, Autodesk, Sketchfab, ptc, Quixel and more.

There is an AR measurement tool called “Measure.” What makes it so handy is that it automatically detects rectangles. From what I can see, it’s spot on for measuring real-world objects.

The app comes with a camera view, and you can just tap and drag on a line to get an accurate measurement. It features two tabs—measure and level. It allows you to measure in 3D as well. USDZ can also work on the web.

ARKit 2 is designed to provide enhanced face tracking, immaculate 3D object detection, and awesome rendering.

Use an Alternate Face ID

With iOS 12, you can use multiple Face ID on your iPhone X. If you wish to allow one of the close persons of your family to unlock your smartphone with the facial recognition, this is your thing. Personally, I had been craving for it ever since I had an interface with the smartphone. It just offers more flexibility.

Smarter Photos

The Photos for iOS now offers search suggestions and also highlights your great moments as well as the people who matter to you. The app indexes time and places as well. Moreover, you can use this app to have suggestions for multiple search terms.

It has a new tab called “For You” with featured photos effects suggestions. Basically, it works like a feed for all of your photos.

When you share your shots with your friends or anyone else, they will get a share back option. Besides, it is protected with end-to-end encryption and uses iMessage.

Much Improved Siri

Siri has got an all-new feature called “Shortcuts.” With the help of this feature, any app can be able to expose quick actions to the personal assistant.

The supported apps can get an “Add to Siri” button with your own search phrase. You can also add Siri suggestion to the Lock screen. For instance, if you carry out any task in an app, you will get suggestion about it on the Lock screen. You can also call it an excellent Automator for iOS.

More Refined Apple News

Apple News has also got some neat refinements. Now, it features a browse tab. The news app is now built into Stocks app, which is going to be live for iPad as well.

Redesigned Voice Memos

The Voice Memos has been redesigned. The app is now available on iPad as well. With the iCloud support, you can sync all of your recordings across your devices.

Apple Books

iBooks has now become Apple Books. It has a new feature called “Reading now” that lets you know where you left off. The new store seems to be completely inspired by App Store.

CarPlay—Third-party navigation support

CarPlay now supports third-party navigation. That means you can now use Google Maps in it. So, if are a big fan of Google’s famous navigation app or find it more efficient than Apple Maps, there is good news for you! Besides, there are also some well thought out features to prevent distraction while driving.

Do not disturb during bedtime

iOS 12 comes with “Do not disturb during bedtime” that allows you to hide notifications. You can touch and hold on the DND to set a time limit for it.

Simply tap on it in the morning to turn on the notifications. So finally, you have more control over alerts and stop them from disturbing you during your bedtime.

Grouped Notifications

The “Grouped Notifications” is finally here! It’s a much better way to prevent apps from cluttering your Notification Center. Besides, it allows you to quickly check out all the alerts from an app.

More Functional Parental Control

You can now get a weekly activity summary of how much time you are spending on your iPhone through a graph.  The screen time feature makes it pretty simple to let you find out how much you use your smartphone.

It lets you find out how long you use each app and which apps send you the maximum number of alerts. Based on your need, you can also set the time limit for each app. And you will get the notification when the time is up! If you want to extend the time, just tap on the link to ask for more time.

If you have kids, you can use the Allowances to have better command on them. The best thing about it is that you get the option to limit app by use or category. You will be able to set it up using Family Sharing and manage it using your iPhone. If you had been craving for more functional parental control, it could definitely win you over.

More Animojis

Animoji has got an all-new technology called “Tongue Detection.” You can use this awesome feature to stick out your tongue to be able to express yourself more vigorously. Besides, there are some cool all-new Animojis like Ghost, Koala, Tiger and T. rex.


Make the most of Memoji to bring plenty of fun into the play. You can now create animoji of yourself as well.

There is also an option to customize a lot of stuff to make your character look amazing. For instance, you have the option to choose skin color, and even change hair color. Another notable feature is that it flawlessly scans your face.

All New Effects in Messages Camera

Like to use awesome effects with your photos? You can now make the most of stunning effects in Messages camera. There is a star button that offers a strip of effects like shapes, text, filters when tapped.

Group FaceTime with Up to 32 People

After a long wait, the FaceTime has finally got Group calling feature. What’s more, the app supports calling with up to 32 people.

You can set up group call pretty much like a group text. And if you are using group chat, simply tap on the button to start a group FaceTime. Your friends will be able to join or drop out as they want.

That’s it!

Stay tuned for More!

Having taken a quick look at all the features that have come with iOS 12, let us know your feedback about them. And do tell us about the ones you would have loved to add in the OS.

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