These 13 Awesome iOS 12 Concept Designs Will Bowl You Over

Among several renderings that have been doing the rounds, these 13 iOS 12 concept designs are worth having your serious attention. I wish these well thought out features came true sooner than later as they are too good to be given a miss! Dear Apple...are you listening?

With Apple all set to unveil iOS 12 at WWDC 2018, the curiosity about the upcoming features has become truly intense. No wonder, numerous concept designs have flooded the Internet and are catching tons of eyeballs. Of course, not all that glitters is gold. However, these 13 iOS 12 concept designs are pretty cool and worth having a shot at!

If you haven’t been able to keep yourself at pace with all the attractive concepts about the forthcoming iOS version, give these renderings a glance. I bet; you would love to lap them with both the hands!

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Most Impressive iOS 12 Concept Designs

Grouped Notifications

Grouped notifications feature has been on my radar for long. I’m sure, many of you would be pinning for it as well.

Wouldn’t it be better if iOS combined similar alerts together to let you glance through them quickly? Yes, that would really be! I wish Apple brought this cool feature in iOS 12.

More Functional Control Center

iOS 12 Control Center Design

It would be cool if you could change network settings using 3D Touch right from inside Control Center. Besides, I would appreciate if the CC has a quick Dark Mode button for enabling/disabling this feature a bit quickly.

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Limited Guest Mode

Limited Guest Mode in iOS 12

This concept brings guest mode to iOS that lets you control which apps will be available for use. You can also set the password for secure access. From Settings app, you will be able to control and restrict this mode. Perfect for the folks who never want to annoy their naughty kids!

App Switcher

iOS 12 App Switcher Concept

It presents a more functional App Switcher. You can just swipe from the left on your device screen to bring up all the apps which are currently opened and then easily hop into the one you want to use. And just in case, you wish to kill them all, there is also a close all button.

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App Bar

iOS 12 App Bar

With the App Bar, you can instantly access all of your favorite apps just by pressing hard and swiping left from right on the screen. It would be an ideal feature if you often use a particular set of apps. Prime for your special penchant for social networking apps!

Sound Bar

iOS 12 Sound Bar

Wow! This sound bar looks well thought out and offers a better way to change volume.

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New Incoming Call Design

iOS 12 Incoming Call Design

This new concept for incoming calls design shows the option to ignore calls and also activate the quiet mode.

Non-Intrusive Phone Calls

iOS 12 Non-Intrusive Phone Calls Feature

Your phone calls don’t take the entire screen of your iPhone. Instead, it has a small panel, which you can remove just by swiping it up.

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Access Camera Setting right From Camera App

iOS 12 Quick Camera Settings

Imagine you are all geared up to shoot a fine video, suddenly you wish to switch to 4K at 60fps from 4K at 30fps. Wouldn’t you find it a little annoying to leave the Camera app and go to Settings to adjust the setting? Ten to one, you would!

Lock Apps

iOS 12 Lock Apps

Just like many users, I have been craving for an option to lock apps using either Touch ID or Face ID.

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An ideal option to prevent your jealous bro from often bumping into your personal party images!

Multiple Timers

Mutiple Timers in iOS 12

Ohh… I would indeed want to have Multiple Timers in the Clock app! They have missing since ages.

Instantly Access Weather Forecast from Lock Screen

Weather Forecast from iOS 12 Lock screen

Simply swipe down from the selfie camera to glance through the weather forecast.

Redesigned Apple Music App

iOS 12 Redesign Music App

Well-known designer Lior Azulay has come with a new design with an all-new design. It automatically changes with background colors to match album art and visual animations.

With simple swipe gestures, it allows you to skip tracks. The concept shows improved controls to let you fine-tune your music tad comfortably. It has an eye-catching landscape mode that enlivens the erstwhile Coverflow. Watch the video to find out how cool the concept is!

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Stay Tuned for More!

Now that you have taken a peek at all the above features, which one do you want to be on your iPhone? Also, if you have designed a nice concept, do not fail to let us know that as well.

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