iOS 11 Features: Primed to be the Biggest Ever Update

Time to explore iOS 11 features to the hilt! I’m sure you are very curious to scan through all the brand new features that are going to liven-up your iPhone and iPad experience, aren't you?

Apple has finally unveiled the much-awaited iOS 11 at the 28th WWDC. Packed in with a host of brand new features like redesigned Control Center, App Store and more, the all new iOS version is claimed to be the biggest ever update. And, just a look at the iOS 11 features makes you believe that it’s designed to provide much better user-experience.

The tech giant has released the beta version of iOS 11 for developers. The public beta is expected to be released soon. The final version of the mobile OS is set to be launched this fall. Enough talk, let’s have a quick look at the top iOS 11 features!

iOS 11 Features

iOS 11 Features


  • iMessage has become more discoverable now thanks to a redesigned app drawer.
  • Messages will now be synced with iCloud. Hence, your conversations will be synced across devices.
  • If you happen to delete a message on your iPhone, it will go away from your Mac as well.


  • Siri has been powered up to carry out more visual stuff. It will take up follow-up questions with just a tap.
  • The virtual assistant can do translation now.
  • Currently, it provides voice translation support to only a few languages like
  • English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish.
  • With the use of “on-device learning,” it suggests many things like news articles, responding to your location, or make a calendar location, etc.


  • HEVC (High-Efficiency Image Format) video encoding has arrived in iOS 11. It will take less storage space for 4K videos. JPEG will be replaced with HEIF. It supports better images at half the size.
  • It will come with much improved image quality. And there is an all-new Depth API for developers.
  • Photos app uses machine learning to easily identify sporting events, weddings and more.
  • You can trim the live photo. Besides, you will be able to choose any part of the video as the key photo.

Redesigned Control Center

  • iOS 11 has come with an elegant looking Control Center that has completely been redesigned. It’s a single page with plenty of widgets. With the use of 3D Touch, you will get more controls.

Lockscreen and Notification Center

  • Lock screen and notification center have been combined now.
  • The NC looks very much like the lock screen when you swipe down. You can swipe up to check out older notifications.


  • Now, there is indoor maps for malls.
  • It will provide speed limits and lane guidance while navigating. The airport indoor maps will be able to guide you from United terminals.


  • CarPlay will come with a very handy feature called “Do Not Disturb While Driving.” With the use of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi effect to turn off your phone screen when you’re driving. Selected people can send you message even in DND mode when you’re driving.


  • HomeKit adds a couple of categories now—Speakers and AirPlay 2. It is now capable of building multi-room audio into iOS.

Apple Music

  • Apple Music now has got “Shared up next” to play music to a party playlist.
  • Apple Music has also got a brand new social feature. You will now see what your friends are listening to. It will provide you the option to set your profile to be private.
  • Thanks to MusicKit for Apple Music, third-party apps can access Apple Music now. Nike, Anchor, and Shazam will now be able to interact with Apple Music.

App Store

  • App Store has got a massive update in iOS 11. It will provide much faster app review.
  • It also supports auto-renewal with Apple Pay.
  • With the all new redesign, App Store looks really gorgeous. Now, it shows up”Today” tab to let you navigate through your favorite apps fast.
  • Games have got a separate tab now to let you explore games a lot faster.
  • The in-app purchases have become more easy-going now.

More Powerful machine

  • There is a new ML APIs for developers. It’s has been described as Core ML. Learning functionality.
  • There is an all new ARKit which will take on-device machine learning to the next level.
  • ARKit can do a lot of stuff such as motion tracking, find planes, estimate ambient light. Besides, it can also estimate the proper scale for objects.

iOS 11 Features for iPad

There is a fantastic Dock for iPad that you can fill with apps to navigate through them with optimum convenience. You can easily access the dock from anywhere.

New App Switcher

  • It has a new app switcher that preserves “spaces” with app pairings. It’s made to rev up your productivity.

Drag and drop

  • With the much-awaited drag and drop functionality, you will now be able to carry out your task more smoothly—very much like the way you do on your Mac. Simply drag any file and drop it in your favorite folder. It’s got that easy now!

Brand New Files App

  • The new Files app supports nested folder, spring loading and more. It also allows you to sync your files with several cloud services like iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive, etc.
  • Even if you are in a full-screen app, you will be able to drag and drop without any hassle. Even better, it lets you collects a number of images just by swiping with your other hand. You can sort your files by size and date. What’s more, your favorites will be synced across devices.

Apple Pay

P to P (person to person) Apple Pay payments.

Wrapping up

What’s your take on iOS 11? Has it lived up to your expectation? Chip in with your valuable feedback with us.

What makes the newest iOS version stand out is the revamped Control Center, elegant Lock Screen, and Notification Center. The files app and drag and drop feature for iPad have made it exceptionally user-friendly now.

Besides, it has got more speed and said to run more smoothly than any other iOS versions.

If you have the developer account, follow this complete guide to download and install iOS 11 beta on your iPhone and iPad also, check out iPhone 8 features and stunning concept design.

As we are going to explore the all-new iOS, stay tuned with us to know more about it.

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