Best iOS 11 Concept Designs: Wish Apple Make Them True!

Want to discover how wonderfully iOS 11 can boost your experience? Have a look at these top iOS 11 concept designs to find out why these creative ideas are a must for a thoughtful consideration!

Even though 28th WWDC is just around the corner, I can’t help taking my imagination for a spin. A good many concept designs for iOS 11 features have been doing the rounds; making me more curious about what sort of features are lined up for the upcoming iOS version. Primarily based on innovative ideas, these are best iOS 11 concept designs that have caught my eyeballs—right from the onset!

With improved notifications, advance Control Center, to versatile Lockscreen, these concept designs for iOS are really worth taking a serious note of. I’m sure you would like to have them in the forthcoming iOS version. Let’s have a go at them all!

Best iOS 11 Concept Designs

Advance Control Center in iOS 11

What stands out in this iOS 11 concept is the advance Control Center. It showcases 3D Touch at its top-notch functionality in Control Center. As for instance, you can just touch and hold on the Wi-Fi button to access a shortcut menu with the option to turn on/off or switch to another network. There is also an option to rearrange icons.

Awesome Looking Dark Mode, Split-Screen for iPhone in iOS 11

I’m really charmed by this iOS 11 concept design from Jacek Zieba. It shows gorgeous looking dark mode which is rumored to arrive in the next-gen ecosystem. It also displays the option to set up multiple accounts on iPad, a button to unlock screen orientation. Even better, the concept also imagines split-screen mode for iPhone that would allow you to carry out multiple actions at one go.

Awesome Touch Bar in iOS 11

The one thing that makes this concept from AGVideos so interesting is the iPhone-optimized Touch Bar. It exhibits how the rumored Touch Bar in iOS 11 will allow you to switch between apps. And going by the functionality on full display, it does seem to be a killer feature. Moreover, it also incorporates the split-screen feature for iPhone.

Elegant Notifications in iOS 11

ConceptsiPhone’s concept design not just focuses on iOS 11 but also gives insight about iPhone. The video showcases the edge-to-edge display of the smartphone. There is fingerprint scanner embedded into the display. Talking about iOS 11, the concept imagines more functional Notification Center and Control Center.

Other Impressive Concepts of iOS 11

This neat concept form Birchler’s imagines bundle notifications. If it happens to be true, each app will have only one card on the screen. With the use of 3D Touch, you will be able to separate notifications into separate cards.

iOS 11 Notifications Design

Birchler’s another concept offers users quick access to their most used apps right from the Lock screen. A user can choose which app to display on the Lock screen. Banners above the apps will let users know that new notifications are waiting for them. With 3D Touch, they can launch the app right from the Lock screen.

Lockscreen App Access in iOS 11

Concept Art has also come up with “Smart Notifications.” Such type of alerts would be activated by location, activities or time of the day.

Another iOS 11 concept from MacStories focuses imagines a host of features that would make iPad more user-friendly. It talks about more competent Split View app picker that would let users arrange their most used apps on a grid.

iOS 11 Concept for iPad The integrated Spotlight option will make it easier to search for any apps and open them directly in Split View. It also emphasizes the need to have a handy filesystem—very much in line with Finder on Mac.

Wrap up

Have you designed any concept for iOS 11? It would be interesting to know that. Also, let us know your top wishlist for the next-gen iOS ecosystem.

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