Criminals and law enforcement agencies are not happy with Apple’s latest iOS 11.4.1 update. For a change, both opposites are on the same page, and this obviously surprises the media world.

After digging deep, it is found that once user updates its iOS device to this iOS 11.4.1 with USB Restricted Mode, the lightning port is deactivated after your iPhone or iPad has not been used for an hour. This obviously makes phone hacking more difficult than before.

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How to Disable USB Accessories Restricted Mode in iOS 12

Apple’s iOS 11.4.1 Update with USB Restricted Mode

Apple has taken this measure to protect user’s privacy, but this has created troubles for hackers and law enforcement agencies, both want to hack users’ data for their own ‘good’ purpose.

This is a welcome change to protect your iPhone or iPad’s data as any cybercriminal can breach your privacy when your phone is connected to your computer via lightning cable.

However, when your lightning port is deactivated after an hour of non-use can cause some inconvenience for many users.

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Following this, you need to unlock your password-protected iPhone or iPad – or you have not unlocked or connected the device to USB accessories within the last hour – your phone or tablet will not connect or communicate with any accessory or computer. At times, your device may not charge.

Many users have found an alert on the screen to unlock the device to use accessories.

When you activate USB Accessories option on your device, lightning accessories can access your iPhone or iPad at any time. The option is turned off by default. Hence, the lightning port is disabled after an hour of non-use.

Why are hackers not happy with this update?

Apple disables the lighting port after hour to stop hackers from clandestinely access your iPhone or iPad.

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Hackers unlock your iPhone or iPad by guessing multiple passcodes until they find the right one. To stop this activity, Apple lets devices to restrict the number of passcodes that can be entered. The phone will be erased automatically if someone enters too many passcodes.

However, hackers use passcode unlockers, which can generate thousands of passcodes and enter those passcodes through the lightning port. Following this update, your lightning port is disabled an hour after the last correct passcode entered by the owner. And this leaves hackers unable to hack your device.

Interestingly, police authorities have got a way to keep lightning port active even after an hour of non-use of iPhone/iPad. They are using GrayKey, an iPhone unlocker.

The maker of this software, Grayshift, says it has got a way to keep the lighting port active after an hour.

Summing up…

For many iPhone and iPad users, who want safety and security of their data, this update is heartily welcome. Do you think Apple has done right job by disabling lightning port after an hour?

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