iOS 10 Features: Siri SDK, Revamped Messages, Redesigned Apple Music, and Much More

As an iPhone or iPad user, you would be impressed with iOS 10 features since they have come in a much improved and polished avatar. Take a look!

As expected, Apple has announced iOS 10 at WWDC16. The all new iOS ecosystem boasts of not only highly advanced features such as more versatile Siri, revamped Messages app, and redesigned Apple Music but also long desired improvements.

Look forward to having a quick glance at the major features of iOS 10? I’m sure you’d like to check them out as they have been primed to richly enhance your experience. Let’s find out!

iOS 10 Features: Quick Glance at the Brand New Add-Ons

Redesigned Lock Screen

  • There is redesigned iOS lock screen.
  • Redesigned Lock screen with new notifications and expanded use of 3D Touch on your iOS device.
  • You can now can act on notifications from the lock screen using 3D Touch.
  • You can stay in the conversation right on the lock screen.
  • Live status updates from apps if you click in with 3D Touch.
  • The whole lock screen and notifications system look pretty nice now.
  • Control Center is a lot simpler as well with a dedicated audio pane.
  • Camera and Widgets screen are better as well. There is video playback in the 3D touch pane.

The Versatile Siri

  • Siri has been opened for developers.
  • There is Messaging support for Slack and WhatsApp, WeChat.
  • There is also Ride booking with Uber, Lyft, and Didi. Photo Search in Shutterfly, Pinterest.
  • You can pause and stop workouts in Runtastic and RunKeeper. You will be able to send payments with Square. VoIP calling with Spark, Vonage, and Skype.
  • It works with CarPlay too.
  • It is easily the biggest update to Siri since the virtual assistant first launched.
  • Siri now uses “deep learning.” It can no offer up relevant contact info, read messages to pre-fill calendar events.

Amazing Photos

  • Advanced computer vision – facial recognition on the iPhone, Object and scene recognition.
  • 11 billion computations per photo.
  • You can search for all kinds of things – just like Google Photos.
  • It will gather together photos that are most relevant at any moment – trips, photos of the last weekend or last year.
  • There is advanced AI to cluster photos – but totally local on device.
  • There’s a new tab at the bottom of photos named Memories, which shows you highlights and people, a map of locations, and related memories.

Smart Maps

  • You can slide up from the bottom for suggestions on where you might want to go or slide across the bottom for suggestions.
  • There is cleaner navigation UI, and traffic information.
  • You can now pan and zoom on the map during navigation.
  • Apple Maps now open to third-party developers.
  • You can find a restaurant with OpenTable, look at it on a map, and book a ride with Uber, and pay for it on Apple Pay as well.

Apple Music

  • Apple Music has been completely redesigned.
  • The first tab at the bottom is the library.
  • There’s a “downloaded music” tab.
  • There is new lyrics pane in Apple Music.
  • Daily curated playlists in the new For You tab.
  • The new UI looks really hot.

Apple News

  • Complete redesign of Apple News which looks like a newspaper on an iPad.
  • Subscriptions coming to News
  • You will be able to read every article in News, and get lock screen notifications.


  • New Home app on iOS devices.
  • Home allows you to control all your various devices, individually or with scenes.
  • Home is right in Control Center as well.

HomeKit is no longer merely a “framework”; it’s an actual app that allows you to open and control accessories from with utmost ease.

You can open four or five different home control apps and even be able to control them right from the lock screen.

Apple TV is the secure point of home automation as it’s always home and on the network. You can set it to create a geofence.

Voicemail transcriptions

  • Apple has added voicemail transcription to iOS 10
  • Voicemail transcription, phone spam detection for Chinese users. There is new VoIP API for incoming calls.

Gorgeous Messages

  • iMessage has now got rich links, including in-line video.
  • Video can now play right from within a rich link on iMessage.
  • “Camera is better than ever in Messages.” It opens right to the camera. And emoji are three times bigger!”
  • Three times bigger emoji!.
  • Highlights “emojifiable” words.
  • Messages will highlight all the words that map to emoji in a message and allow you to tap to turn them into emoji.
  • “Bubble effects” have been added to Messages that pop in bubbles in different ways.
  • Bubble effect UI allows you to pick between five effects.
  • Text messages will now swell in size and you can send a surprise message — swipe to reveal the image.
  • You can sendtap backss (which are very much like Facebook emoticons) and scribbles, and Digital Touch.
  • Background of Messages can be fullscreen.
  • Digital Touch has been completely subsumed within Messages.
  • Apple Music has now been integrated into Messages.
  • Messages app has now been opened for developers.
  • Apps in Messages. iMessage Apps – iMessage has an app drawer. Things like stickers, gifs, payments, etc.

iOS 10 developer preview today, public beta in July at, iOS 10 to be release this fall.

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