iOS 10 Beta 3 Features: A Quick Glance at the New Changes & Improvements

Here is the most comprehensive look at the just released iOS 10 beta 3 features, changes, and improvements.

Apple has released iOS 10 beta 3. With several changes, bug fixes and performance improvements, the latest beta of iOS 10 looks more stable than ever before.

As the public release of the newest iOS ecosystem nears, we expect a lot more changes as well as refinements in the OS. Among the notable features which have arrived in iOS 10 beta 3 are Locking haptic feedback, keyboard sound and more.

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iOS 10 Beta 3 Features, Changes, and Improvements

  • Touch ID: You can now open your iPhone with Touch ID using new Accessibility option just like it worked in iOS 9.
  • Locking haptic feedback: There is a haptic vibration when locking iPhone 6s/6s Plus, which indicates that the device has been properly locked. You will hear a new sound on other devices when pressing the power button.
  • Audio fix: Audio playback via the internal speaker won’t stop anymore owing to the haptic feedback.
  • Keyboard sound: The muted popping-style keyboard sound has returned in the beta three. It had been introduced in the beta 1 but had been removed in the iOS 10 beta 2.
  • Siri: A new App Support section for Siri has been included, which will display information regarding which apps work with the voice assistant.
  • Quick Actions: When you 3D Touch any app icon, you will get a Share option which includes the name of this app as well.
  • Health: The app has got a new feature called “Improve Activity” which lets you send certain health-related information to Apple. (Settings → Privacy → Diagnostics and Usage)

A Glance at the Significant Features

  • You can now send files to iCloud Drive from Safari and Mail
  • Now, Rest Finger to Open Accessibility option works correctly.
  • There is a new “Share <name of app>” language when 3D touching an App Store app icon
  • There is the Siri App Support panel in Siri’s preferences.
  • When searching in the Music app, your Library will appear first.
  • “Subscribe” to playlists.
  • There is a new text tag under video placeholders in Health app.
  • New hub section in Home app preferences.
  • The “Downloads” section has been named as “Downloaded Music.”
  • Image picker in Messages doesn’t crop photo thumbnails to square format anymore.
  • There is a new typing indicator when sending GIF images through Messages.
  • Landscape orientation issues which were found in many apps have been fixed.
  • The beta 3 has seemed to have tweaked some animations. As for instance, while accessing the app drawer in Messages or opening a folder or an app.
  • Hey, Siri doesn’t pause audio or video anymore.
  • Notification Center has got a new animation when swiped down from an app.
  • Devices that act as your HomeKit hub such as Apple TV are now listed in your HomeKit settings.
  • Apple has once again tweaked the HomeKit app.
  • Keyboard sound from iOS 10 beta 1 come back again.
  • There is a new lock sound.
  • There is haptic feedback on manual lock.
  • There is the clock in the status bar on widgets view.

The public beta of iOS 10 is already out. If you want to give the latest OS a try in advance, you can install it on your iPhone. Since it’s still a work in progress, you will have to face some bugs. Hence, it’s better to install the iOS beta on your secondary device.

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