iOS 10 Beta 2 Features: All New Changes You Must Check Out

You would have to look at these iOS 10 beta 2 features and changes to believe that the latest iOS version has got tons of improvements.

As expected, Apple has released iOS 10 beta 2 with a number of interesting features, plenty of improvements and bug fixes. With a couple of months still to go before the latest iOS ecosystem will be relapsed publicly, we expect several new changes to arrive.

If you have downloaded and installed iOS 10 beta on your iPhone, you would like to have a snap on the new changes. The entire system-wide improvements will certainly make life a lot easier if you are running iOS 10 on your device. Let’s have a quick look!

iOS 10 Beta 2 Features

iOS 10 Beta 2 Features: The All New Changes You Need to Know

One of my favorite features that have been added is the so-called “Show Parked Location” in the Maps and the option to swipe to unlock like before. Messages app now has the option to let you send low-quality Image. Control Center 3D Touch options have been tweaked as well.

  • Tweaked HomeKit iconography in Control Center.
  • Notification Center “Missed” becomes “Recent.”
  • Today view for widgets in Notification Center can once again be accessed with swipe down from Home screen, not just within apps.
  • Iconography for Apple TV and speakers tweaked in AirPlay settings in Control Center.
  • HomeKit app icon updated from solid yellow to Home app icon in Settings.
  • Apple Music replaces “Downloaded Music” with “Downloads”, no longer removable.
  • Maps now includes option for “Show Parked Location” plus feature explanation in Settings.
  • Messages now has Low-Quality Image Mode toggle in Settings.
  • Mail has new filter icon (was previously a filter, now lines within a circle.
  • Notification Center now has Weather Channel credit once again.
  • Control Center 3D Touch options have tweaked language, icons.
  • New Organ Donation changes available in Health app.
  • Music now has Shuffle option from Songs section (previously had to play a song before shuffling.)
  • “Rest Finger to Unlock” option in Accessibility Settings.
  • Lock screen adds “Unlocked” animation in status bar when unlocked, previously just removed lock icon.
  • App Store now works with Split View on supported iPads.
  • iMessage App Store introduced over the weekend now promoted with splash screen
  • Feedback app available for more users.
  • 3D Touching folders with badges now shows badges per apps, previously said “Unread” per app.
  • Interactive notifications now work differently on non-3D Touch devices (swipe down versus slide over to access options.)
  • Subtle new Siri animation (Home screen minimizes in background.)
  • Connect Posts now appears below For You content on For You tab, Connect tab appears when you disable Apple Music, new banner promoting sign-ups.
  • Apple News is now a “removable” app (holding out hope for Photo Booth.)
  • Keyboard click sound has reverted to classic version, iOS 10 beta 1 included updated sound.
  • New “Featured Complications” section in Apple Watch app.
  • AirPlay/Bluetooth headphones and speakers now appear from Now Playing screen in Music.
  • Autofill sync option for Music to Apple Watch (Smart and Random options.)
  • Background App Refresh toggles for Apple Watch.
  • Use Previous Duration option in Breathe app settings for Apple Watch.
  • New CarPlay button to skip directly to a message.

Improvements in Apple Music

Apple Music has got some nice improvements such as the option to sign up on Sonos, related music suggestions now appear in album pages. There is an option to let you view as well as manage a list of active downloads as well.

  • In Library, you can now view and manage a list of all active downloads.
  • Posts from artists you follow now appear under Connect Posts within For You.
  • You can now sign into Apple Music on Sonos.
  • Music videos can now be played fullscreen.
  • Related music suggestions now appear in album pages.

Apple Music Improvements Coming in Future Betas

Apple has reported that a number of cool changes will come in the future betas of iOS 10. For You Mixes, the option to show complete Album for Library items and feature to let you view Connect posts on an artist’s or curator’s page are some of the notable changes that will arrive.

  • For You Mixes.
  • Viewing Connect posts on an artist’s or curator’s page.
  • Follow and unfollow option on an artist or curator’s page.
  • Report a concern on Connect posts or comments.
  • Delete a comment you made on Connect posts.
  • Account page to view all artists you follow.
  • Setting to turn on or turn off the Automatically Follow Artists preference.
  • Show Complete Album for Library items.
  • Display of works and movements for classical music.
  • Popularity indicators for albums.

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