If you’ve been following us, you probably know that we’re fans of a few popular tweaks out there developed by Ravi, a jailbreak developer from India. He’s all of 18 and he’s already published a lot of tweaks that are functional and not merely mods that add some jazz to the looks of your iPhone.

Think about tweaks like Kamera, TorchNC, the new Compose or the older SliderWidth and you know what kind of tweaks he develops. I was impressed first when I stumbled on Kamera. Sheer simplicity and ease-of-use makes Ravi’s tweaks enormously functional.

Already quite popular in the Jailbreak world, his stats read: 2260 answers, 17108 karma.

He was kind enough to answer a few questions for iGeeksBlog and its readers who are interested in jailbreaking tweaks, development etc.


Here’s the interview:

iGB: Tools of the Trade: What’s in your bag?
Ravi: iPhone 5, iPad 1, MacBook Pro 15″

iGB: How did you get started with iOS Development?
Ravi: There were small little things in iOS that I wanted to change, I started figuring out how to change them, so I started publishing tweaks. And this is just the beginning! I started to learn programming when I was 15 years old.

iGB: You’ve published a lot of tweaks now. Which one’s your favorite?
Ravi: My own favorite tweak: Torch / My favorite tweak: Zephyr

iGB: At 18/19, you are quite young for a regular iOS tweaker. How did you learn the stuff?
Ravi: At 18, yup. I read programming books, forums, Q/A’s etc. It’s just my passion so age doesn’t matter.

iGB: Why is it that you like/love the iPhone over Android which is more open to tweaks and mods?
Ravi: Android is a great platform, but there is no specific app where users can find only tweaks and customization tools. iOS is awesome, it’s closed but once jailbroken, it can do things that Android can’t.

iGB: Are you developing iOS apps too? (any plans to go mainstream into iOS app development?)
Ravi: Not currently, but I have big plans for the coming future. Going to start Computer Science from this September.

iGB: Your future plans regarding developing for iOS? Like, are you focusing on tweaks alone or do you plan to become an independent app developer?
Ravi: Developing tweaks is just a hobby. I will start developing great apps and paid tweaks in the future. That’s why all my tweaks are currently free.

iGB: What’s the one important lesson you’d want to share with fellow jailbreak tweak developers?
Ravi: Be original, don’t try to make things that have been already made. Also, give instant support to all your tweak users.

iGB: How hard/easy is it to make jailbreak tweaks for the iPhone? Does it get harder with iOS 6?
Ravi: Well there is no difficulty level. It all depends on you. Somethings are hard, somethings are easy. Yes, iOS 6 has made it a little bitter.

You can find all of Ravi’s tweaks here.

Check out our reviews of his tweaks here:

Ravi also runs a tech blog (along with his friend), TheDuperTech.com, where he shares interesting stuff on iOS and Android.

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