It's always interesting to try new Cydia tweaks that add style, function, feature or an extra element to your iOS experience. The jailbreak community has been pretty active and a lot of tweaks are coming up right left and center. We already covered some of the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 7.

Here's one more roundup of some interesting Cydia tweaks we stumbled on in the past week.

1. DisableParallaxEffect
For folks setting gorgeous wallpapers on their iPhones and iPads, it was annoying to see the wallpaper get zoomed in oddly. There are a lot of workarounds for this (and we hear that iOS 7.1 will fix this issue when it releases) but if you're looking for an easy solution, DisableParallaxEffect Cydia tweak should be tried. The tweak basically tries to force the iOS device to show the wallpaper as it is by disabling parallax.

Price: Free | Repo:BigBoss

Interesting iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks

2. Open In App For Photos
One of the coolest features that's missing from the stock Photos app in iOS 7 is being able to open a photo in your favorite app. This tweak fulfills that functionality. It puts a lot of apps in the share sheet so you can open any photo in a variety of apps that you have got installed. (Dropbox, Skitch, iPhoto, WhatsApp and more).

Price: Free | Repo:BigBoss

3. MapsAllCountries
Apple provides turn-by-turn navigation directions but it's country-specific. If your country does not support this feature, MapsAllCountries will unlock the feature. There are no options to configure or tweak: you just install it and the Maps app will start showing turn-by-turn navigation.

Price: Free | Repo:BigBoss

4. ClearFolders
ClearFolders is a simple tweak that removes the background overlay for folders. If you open a folder in iOS, it has this not-so-good-looking background beneath the icons in the folder. You can remove this using ClearFolders.

Price: Free | Repo:ModMyi

5. GlowDock
GlowDock adds a subtle glow effect to the dock icons. I feel that the tweak works good with a tweak like DockShift that lets you disable dock backgrounds. The glow effect adds an emphasis to the dock icons so they stand out even if you remove the dock background.

Price: Free | Repo:BigBoss

6. Ringdom
Ringdom is a cool, fanciful tweak. What it does is it allows you to have multiple ringtones selected and every time you get a call, a random ringtone is played (from the selected list). Like I said, it's a fancy tweak with no specific functionality but something cool to sport!

Price: $1 | Repo:BigBoss

7. NoUninstall
The purpose of NoUninstall is to prevent apps from getting deleted accidentally. You can do this by setting Restrictions within the Settings app but if you prefer the easy way, it's installing the tweak (because you don't have to remember restriction passcodes that way). NoUninstall is good if you let your iPhone/iPad be used by others, especially kids.

Free | Repo:BigBoss