Take a look at iOS 7 features announced at WWDC 2013.

Recombu has built an interactive iPhone 5S with what’s supposedly an iOS 7 concept drawn from all the various rumors we’ve all been hearing about. The interactive iPhone 5S (which is a testament to the era of flat design) works good and you should give it a try.

The interactive website has been built solely on HTML, CSS and Javascript. A few of the elements are clickable and therefore explorable. You get to see how the iOS 7 could possibly look – although not a complete or a true rendering.

The emphasis is on ‘flat’ design. I’m kind of tired talking about flat design for so long but it’s here to stay. In fact, it’s actually quite exciting to see Jony Ive’s take on flat design and what’s in store for iOS 7.

Interactive iPhone 5s Concept

Here’s what the interactive iPhone 5S has:

  • Multiple color options: Oh, you’ve got to love them. I do hope Apple does turn these “multi-color” rumors into true features because just like the iPod Touch, a colored iPhone does indeed look great.
  • Flat icons. Obviously.
  • Check out Messages, Calendar and Reminders. All sport an interesting take on the purported redesign. Calendar, especially, sheds all the gradients that Apple has bestowed upon it for long.

While I like this attempt because creating an interactive website out of scratch is tough, the overall user experience isn’t going to be revolutionary. I think you’ll have to wait for the iPhone 5S for that. Or at least till we get to watch Cook unveil iOS 7 at WWDC 2013.

The WWDC 2013 is right around the corner and we’re all set for iOS 7.

To check out the interactive website, click here.