What is Installous?

The famous piracy app, Installous is gone forever with the shutting down of Hackulous. The reason given by the team doesn’t seem quite acceptable though. Considering the unsavory reputation of the team, it is hard to digest the fact that there has been lack of activity in its forums since a long time.

Installous was once a great app, quite famous among the iOS users to help find and use apps before purchasing them from the app store. It always seemed to be the best way to have third party cracked apps installed on to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. However, with the recent iOS updates, several compatibility problems started cropping up which seemed hard to resolve especially with regards to errors like Invalid IPA and Unavailable API in case of which the files simply refused to work.


Besides this, there are many reasons that justify its end, one of them being its legitimacy. Piracy of any sort is totally detestable and illegal. While installing the app on your iOS device is legal, using it isn’t. Downloading illegal apps on the Cydia Installous app is totally illegal.

Now even if we ignore the legality aspect, there is still the functionality aspect that can’t be overlooked. What if you download a certain app and are not able to use it after all. Well, that is what most iOS users faced with Installous. Being a pirated app, of course it wouldn’t be as apt as a paid one.  So the problems regarding playing, updates and functionality were quite common and highly irritating. At that moment purchasing seemed a much better option.

The so called “Death” of the Installous app has been great news for developers. They have started working on providing the updated versions of Installous. Besides them the iOS users are also going to be the lucky ones, being given the chance of taking advantage of newer apps. The only losers, I guess are to be the Installous users as they will have a real hard time shedding a little extra money on the app.

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend Installous or any other Installous alternatives in any manner to Install .IPA files. Developers put a lot of effort to create apps and what’s a dollar or two to spend on buying these apps? The only reason we post on these alternatives is to help users try out costly apps before they decide to purchase it. Under no circumstances should this be misconstrued as supporting piracy or piracy-related apps.