Disclaimer: We don’t recommend Installous or any other Installous alternatives in any manner to Install .IPA files. Developers put a lot of effort to create apps and what’s a dollar or two to spend on buying these apps? The only reason we post on these alternatives is to help users try out costly apps before they decide to purchase it. Under no circumstances should this be misconstrued as supporting piracy or piracy-related apps.

Aside from discussions on cracking piracy, which is an entire topic of its own, the immediate thing that happens after a crippling news is people go looking for alternative solutions. Installous is gone and by now, your vocabulary is quite rich with the names of alternative of Installous which promise the same features.

The official website of Hackulo.us, the team that created and managed Installous, Crackulous and AppSync for several years states:

Installous Not Working on iOS 6

Why did Installous come to an end?
The answer to that question is anyone’s guess and some of the folks are talking about piracy issues and stuff but I think that’s not it. That’s just not it. Installous has been having a lot of issues lately. iOS 6 compatibility has taken a big hit this year and the emergence of alternatives like AppCake+ and vShare have proved kind of disturbing.

Installous had a great run even till yesterday. For folks who’ve come to depend on the app, the news is a big blow. Now, it’s back to square one.

Installous Alternatives
Without a doubt, every user is now looking for alternative solutions. From SSH-ing into your iPhone to install ipa and deb files to getting a good solution like i-Funbox, there are ways out of this mess, of course.

  1. AppCake stands out from the crowd right now. The reason is you don’t need AppSync for AppCake to run. Most other alternatives require something like AppSync to be running on your iPhone/iPad to get the downloaded IPA files installed and run.
  2. vShare is a viable option and we’ve taken a look at it. Interestingly though, people who have already installed AppSync on their iDevices are in luck: you’ll have vShare run smoothly. For the rest, you’ll need to find AppSync from other third-party sources. We’re trying to find AppSync alternatives too and we’ll get back soon with that list.
  3. i-Funbox remains a worthy alternative but then again, you’ll need AppSync alternatives right now.
  4. iFile+SSH into the applications directory is an alternative for those willing to get a little deeper into muddy waters of SSH.

  • shekhar

    No fun without installous man! please bring it back on cydia , let the people talk about it anyway. Most of the people just jailbreak the ios device to have Installous on their phones! so please bring installous back on cydia..

  • Klabouch

    Im very sad the community is gone. We accomplished so much when it came to customization of your idevice. I wish i knew ahead of time. I would have saved all my work there. Sadly I stopped going after I upgraded to the iPhone 5. With nobody willing to release a public jailbreak.

  • doosh face

    It sucks it terminates right away… People might still want to use it to install older apps in the downloads section…

    WELL YOU CAN! just block hackulo.us in the /etc/hosts file (obviously redirect it to