inSite Proximity Alarm [iPhone App+Gadget] Instant Alerts When You Are Separated from Valuables

When technology lets you make sure you don’t forget your keys at your friend’s or your wallet at the restaurant, more often than not, people like it. Using it, adopting it and making it a part of daily life is something that takes a long time but we do have that technology and people do use trackers and stuff on many of their valuables.

Our coverage began with the now-popular Tile gadget. We then stumbled on Lapa and Guardian. Now, there are many more similar projects in the pipeline and many have already seen the light of day. But old school is still doing just fine and one particular tracker/proximity alarm got our attention today.

The inSite Proximity Alarm is one of those tiny gadgets (not as tiny as Tile or Lapa but comparably tiny) that will alert you when you are forgetting your valuables somewhere. It’s one of those highly useful gadgets that empower iPhone/iPad users who have the habit of forgetting things. Things like keychains, wallets, sometimes even handbags or backpacks.

First off, Why inSite
There’s one thing about inSite Proximity Alarm that makes it worthy: it’s a simple piece of software with a really simple free app to go with it. The modern versions of tracking gadgets are simple too but they’re filled with interesting new features that can, at times, get a little overwhelming or out of hand if you keep playing with them.

inSite Proximity Alarm for iPad and iPhone

With inSite, you just switch on the device and pair it (first time) with your iPhone/iPad. After that, the app does all the thinking and tracking. When the inSite gadget goes out of the Bluetooth range, both the gadget and the iPhone will start beeping, alerting you that you are missing something.

I liked the simplicity of the setup. Since the product is a little old-school, I was actually expecting some technical curves to learn (or a few extra taps on the app) but the design and interface is really simplistic.

Features of inSite
inSite comes with a pretty straight-forward list of features.

inSite Proximity Alarm and App for iPad and iPhone

  • The operating range is about 30 ft – 60 ft depending on Bluetooth reception. Out of this range, you’ll get the alerts both on the device and the iPhone.
  • You can tap on the Ring Device when you’re searching for the tag. Or, you can make use of the map to locate it on a “last-seen” basis.
  • The free app works on iOS 7 on all devices. Incidentally, you can add multiple devices to one profile. There are no limits like in some other tags we mentioned above.
  • The inSite alarm tag runs on a standard CR2016 replaceable battery.
  • The app will send notifications to: email (2 emails), your Twitter account and even your Facebook account.

The Quirky Details
inSite, for all its “old-schoolness”, comes with interesting features that make it instantly usable and more importantly likable.

  • The inSite app comes with profiles for each inSite tag that you add. And these profiles can be identified with an icon. By default, the photos can be an icon of keychain, wallet, bag etc. But you can also add your own photo from the camera roll (or take a photo). So, if you are tagging a keychain, you just click its picture!
  • You can configure the alert that beeps on the device. By default, when the device goes out of range, it will beep thrice. You can make it continuous.
  • You can also set the alert tone for iPhone / iPad app. In fact, you can pick a favorite song of yours as the alert. It’ll be surprising to hear your favorite song come up all of a sudden when the device goes out of range. Surely, the alert tone wouldn’t be alarming but it will surely be strange.

inSite costs $29.95, a nominal price for these tracking gadgets. The app is free and has no limitations on the number of devices you can link. The product uses Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with iPhone 4s (and up), iPad 3 (and up).

Check out inSite here

That’s all for now!