InnerList iPhone App: Minima”list” But Awesome Todo/Reminders/List App

To-do lists just got simplified, somewhat redefined and made even more awesome. InnerList prides itself at being the Missing List app that iPhone users need and it stands up to that claim. Without going overboard, InnerList changes the way you will use your list app.

The App Store has a bunch of amazing to-do/reminder apps. But one thing that has definitely been missing is a way to combine various forms of list-making into one. That’s exactly what InnerList targets and with a simple, minimal and seamless app, it changes the way we use lists.

Typically, a to-do list lets you create lists of things you want to do. “Remember the Milk” types. You key in some task that you want to do and it gets added. Optionally, you will be allowed to add a date to the task which sort of makes this a reminder too.

While most apps doing this thing have been doing it fine, I never thought “lists” could get a makeover this way. InnerList changes the way we use our lists and that’s actually turning out to be kind of more productive, more organized and makes much more sense. Here’s what I’m talking about:

InnerList comes with three types of lists: notes, tasks and people.

InnerList iPhone To-do App

Every time you make a new list in InnerList, you get to pick one of the three types. If you’re making a general list of things, notes would be your pick. If you’re making a list of things you need to do, tasks would be the correct option. And if you’re just making a list of people (say, for the party or the movie), people would be the pick.

I’ll start with what I found very impressive: the People list.

Suppose you’re planning an event with your friends. You want to keep them all informed, you want to keep track of who brings what and you also want to have a list that instantly shows you all these relevant information. That’s precisely what InnerList does.

InnerList iPhone List App

With InnerList’s list of people, I can easily select one or many people on my list and email/message them. Both emails and phone numbers are instantly accessible. You can also move people from one list to another.

Next up: Notes. Notes is a simple way of making a list of things you just want for a quick reference later on. Notes is a dreaded generalization actually but supposing you want to quickly take down a few points that you can refine later, notes is a good place to start. Notes is also the list that you’d be using for anything that’s not task-related. For instance, a list of things you need to buy at the supermarket.

InnerList iPhone Reminder App

Tasks: Tasks is a simplified list for your to-dos. It resembles most to-do apps but in its core minimal form, I think InnerList’s task list will be far more helpful than any other. The best thing about the app is that it removes features that we really don’t need to get things done on time.

Tasks comes with reminders that you can set (optional). One simple interface lets you pick the date and time quickly (the time slider is a smart UI/UX decision). With a separate “Reminders” section available (which lists all reminders set in all the lists), you also have an overview of all the tasks that you must get done.

InnerList Savvy Todo, Reminder, and List App for iPhone

All lists come with share options. And then there’s also the cool archive feature.

I have been using InnerList for a short time but I can see why I am quite attracted to it. I think I am going to stop using Clear (and a few other to-do lists) and switch to InnerList for the moment. It’s kind of encompassing without any of the extra features that I absolutely don’t need.

If you run your life through to-do lists and reminders, InnerList is definitely a good app to use.

Price: $0.99
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