Indian Rail Info iPhone App

Checking the seat availability, fare, PNR status, train running status etc. has been never this easy. Personally, I’ve never really gone beyond the official Indian Railway website (especially for PNR status check) or at best, IRCTC, to check for rail information. While I’ve known for a long time that there are apps for this purpose, it’s not like all the apps are good.

Indian Rail Info can be called a complete, bundled app for anyone looking for information about trains, PNR statuses, departures/arrivals and almost every other data related to the railways. For an iPhone user, this app should be on the list of must-haves.

Most apps do the usual PNR status check routine and a few apps are powerful enough to include a little more like checking the seat availability, or fares. Indian Rail Info bundles them all together into one single app and brings you a powerful set of features that you can use.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’re most likely going to be needing an easier way out to check the PNR status of your reservation. In other cases, you might want to get rail information like running status, arrival times, basic train information between two stations etc., from wherever you are. Having to get back home to login and find the information is so old-school.

Indian Rail Info iPhone App Review

And Indian Rail Info App aims to do all that:

  • One of the biggest advantages of the app is that it’s clearly focused. The app lets you:
  • Check PNR status
  • Figure out seat availability from a particular station
  • Check the running status
  • Look for seats in a particular train (you’ll need to know the train number)
  • Find trains between stations
  • Fare Enquiry
  • Get arrival and departure data for a particular station (in the next 1 – 24 hours)

There’s no settings to configure or change and it’s all pretty simple and neat to use.

Using the app, it became clear that there were one or two minor pitfalls. For instance, the presentation of information isn’t exactly neat. Data overflows, making you scroll horizontally too and we can say that it’s not exactly formatted to fit the mobile resolution. However, since the data is fetched from Indian Railways, you can’t play around much with the resultant.

The app lists most major railway stations in India although that still leaves a large chunk out. However, my guess is that people using the app would not find this to be a major hindrance at all.

Overall, Indian Rail Info app is pretty good app that will come in very handy whenever you’re looking for information about trains and railways.