Incipio has announced an ultra-modern Prompt Notification Folio for iPad at CES 2015. Designed to let you use your tablet in probably the most convenient way you would like, the folio boasts of some defining features.

The Prompt Notification Folio is equipped with advanced technology which is all set to take the word efficiency onto a new level. Let’s have a quick look at it as well as on a couple of other big announcements that Incipio has made at CES!

Incipio Prompt Notification iPad Air 2 Folio Case

Built-In OLED Screen

Incipio Prompt Notification Folio Case for iPad Air 2

The folio will come with a built-in OLED screen which will discreetly deliver notifications from a connected iPad Air. It will wirelessly pair with most smart devices and display incoming phone calls, text messages, emails, low battery alerts and a lot more.

Multiple Viewing Angles

The Prompt folio will allow multiple viewing angles. You can use it hands-free too. It will provide many typing angles as well in order to make typing more convenient for you. Made with quality vegan leather, it will look class apart and certainly the one you would wish to have at a first glance.

Long Battery Life

Once you power it up, it will go on for 7-10 days. The long battery life will ensure you are never run out of battery life rather too often.

Will Hit The Market In 2015

The folio is priced at $89.99. Currently, it is available in only black colour but expect it to add many more fancy ones by the time it is launched. As of now, there is no word from the manufacture with regard to when exactly it will be launched, however, it is reported to hit the floor later this year.

Other Announcements

Incipio unveiled a couple of other equally lucrative announcements at CES. Let’s have a glance at them!

  • Prompt Flight: Wireless controller notification wearable in order to control music and volume without having to interact with device. It will be priced at $59.99. Find more.

Incipio Prompt Flight Wearable Bluetooth Controller With Notifications

  • Prompt Sense: Wearable notification band to provide notifications through customized vibrations. Will be priced at $49.99. Find more.

Incipio PROMPT Sense Wearable Notification Band