One of the primary concerns for most iPhone users is the battery. Now, don't get me wrong. iOS does a decently good job of handing power resources but with subsequent updates, things haven't been getting better on older devices. And that's expected. Same hardware but new feature-rich software.

There are many tips and tricks that you can use to try to conserve iPhone battery. But there's something that you can't really totally control. It's the radios. And that's what eats up a lot of battery.

Improve iPhone Battery in iOS 7 with BattSaver Cydia Tweak

BattSaver is not a new Cydia tweak and it doesn't target battery-saving in a new way. But it works because it does two things clearly:

  • It targets the radios (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi)
  • And it makes it super simple to manage these settings so that you don't have to manually keep juggling between Wi-Fi and 3G and others between apps and usage.

Essentially, that's what BattSaver is all about. It juggles between the various radios depending on your preferences and the ‘strategy' so that ultimately, your battery is used optimally. That, in turn, helps you get more juice out of the battery.

Let's take a simple scenario, for instance. When you have both Wi-fi and LTE turned on but are using only Wi-fi, it makes sense to turn off LTE. Your iPhone users more battery trying to keep both LTE and Wi-fi on than when it relies on just one particular network method. BattSaver has configurable options which make sure LTE is turned off when you don't use it.

This is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg. BattSaver's charm comes in a feature that it calls ‘Strategy'. We have six different settings for this:

  • None
  • iMessage friendly (which enables only EDGE and switches off all other faster variants)
  • Normal (disables radios generally)
  • Aggressive (disables data when Wi-Fi is connected)
  • Ultimate (where you manually enable the radios including Wi-fi)
  • Custom (everything under your control)

There are a few options besides the strategies. You can, for instance, configure what apps have access to the radios/data network. This is akin to turning off the toggles in Settings → Cellular. But this is more manageable even though it involves two different pages.

BattSaver is definitely a good tweak but I am not sure if it should be compared to, say, BatteryDoctorPro which was an all-time favorite before iOS 7. Nevertheless, BattSaver does work and it works good.

BattSaver is available on the BigBoss repo. It costs $3.99.

  • John Cody Forbes

    I’m having problems with battsaver and can’t get in touch with the authors. I can’t really recommend This app to anyone. My issues are that its not turning on things that it turns off, especially location services. I’m traveling and using a GPS app, but every time I unplug my phone from power BattSaver shuts down loction services even right in the middle of navigating. I have nowdisabled EVERY option in the app to completely turn it off and it still keeps turning off location services and LTE whenever it pleases, even while I’m in the middle of using them. The only contact info is the website which is down. Deleting is my last option, money down the drain.

  • Steve Charnick

    Battery Doctor Pro is now available in the App Store rendering this one worthless I think.