Overuse of Mobile Phone Affects Student’s Health – Say Reports!

Overuse of mobile phones affects health and behavioral traits. Reports suggest abusive smartphone usage plays a vital role in affecting cognitive capacities among students.

The ring; the vibration or a LED pulse signals you need to respond to your mobile phone is keeping you jittery or itchy, all times. Isn’t it?

We all do experience such a phenomenon day in and out and no exceptions here, unless you have more compelling reasons to stay away from your mobile or smartphones, or maybe thanks to your forgetful nature, to help you stay away from it all.

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Friends, we must have come across several reports and writings on excessive usage of mobile phones and other devices for all age groups including about digital exposure on kids. However, on the subject, there has been no proverbial ‘last word,’ yet.

Excessive Usage of Mobiles Affects Cognitive Capacity

Now, here, we do try to reason out a bit going by reports and logic that we are supported with.

Advantages to count over usage of smartphones and devices are of course: staying connected, faster communications, entertainment amplified, and most of all – world at your fingertip. But do you really feel it all? Do you have that feeling which makes you go blank or numb due to over usage or phone fatigue?

A recent University of Chicago Press Journal report titled Brain Drain concludes from two experiments to indicate that even when people are successful at maintaining sustained attention—as when avoiding the temptation to check their phones— mere presence of these mobile phone devices reduces available cognitive (thinking, reading or remembering) capacity. Moreover, these cognitive costs are highest for those top in smartphone dependence, states the report.

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Excessive Usage of Mobile phones

Another one by BBC news website cites Health, and Addictive Behaviours Survey put up by the University of Chicago, University of Cambridge, and the University of Minnesota researchers which sampled 3400 US University degrees students to understand the impact of cellphone usage. The survey hovered around resultant behavioral traits like complaints from friends and relatives regarding excessive usage, concentration, fretfulness or impatience, missing deadlines due to missing phone at study, light-headedness or blurred vision, among others.

Among respondents above, one in five students answered in positive where the sample size comprised of 60% female students.

Health and Addictive Behaviours Survey hits hard to reveal excessive usage of mobile phones leading to lower grades, alcohol abuse, and more sexual partners among University students. In fact, on the last point, the proportion of two or more sexual partners in the past 12 months was reported significantly higher while indicating excessive mobile usage. Also, in percentage terms, it was 37.4% against 27.2% reporting no problem usage of smartphones.

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Dr. Sam Chamberlain, one of its authors and an honorary consultant psychiatrist at the University of Cambridge in this report spoke about the neglect of more normal relationships because of overuse of their phones using the dating apps.

“The strongest finding was that people reporting problematic use of their phones were also more likely to have the trait of impulsiveness, and this could also play a part in the number of sexual partners they have. If this was a healthy thing we’d expect to see better self-esteem and less mental health issues, but the opposite was the case,” he added.

Yet another study by Demirci Kadir, Kadir Demirci, and Akgönül Mehmet from Turkey indicates abusive smartphone usage leads to depression, anxiety, and poor sleep quality resulting in sleep disorders. It proposed careful monitoring for smartphone addiction by University students afflicted with high depression and anxiety scores.

Impact of Smartphone Usage

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We live in Digital age and are exposed to latest technologies of all kinds via the usage of devices like mobiles and smartphones, computers, smartwatches, wifi networks, medical and advanced equipment, etc. for which there is no escape. Use and abuse rest in the hands of the user and it is his/her prerogative, we all appreciate.

Rounding up, all we can only say is that anything and everything in moderation is fine. Excessive abuse through the usage of any device including smartphone or iPad, or computer or others can be detrimental to one’s body and mind.

Worried or disturbed? Just grab a cuppa to liven up. Awh, there goes my mobile phone ring! Excessive abuse of my mobile? Nah…not at all! I am ignoring it guys, just to say ‘CHEERS’ to your spirits, over coffee!!

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