Top 6 iMovie Tips & Tricks for Editing Videos Like a Pro

As we know that iMovie is an excellent video editing tool for users, but iMovie has some tricks that can come in handy for users, once they get to know this, iMovie will give them better results and high quality videos.

Below are some of the top tricks that iMovie hasn’t told you clearly.

#1. Transition effects

Transition Effects in iMovie

This trick is so important because it allows your video to have a smooth look when you transition from one clip to another. The most important thing is that you should not go overboard with transitions because it will lower the quality of your video. iMovie makes it easy for users to add transition effects to videos, but when doing it you have to make sure that a cut from one clip to another is less distracting as well as easier on the eye. By doing this, you are able to make your videos look the way you want them to. In addition to this, people watching your video find it more interesting and enjoyable.

#2. Color correction

Color Correction in iMovie

When it comes to making a video, color correction is very important. Color correction depends on the feel of your video and in order for you to have a great video the color of the video and the feel have to match. This helps viewers see what you are trying to convey. When you use iMovie to color-correct your video, you are able to take your videos to a new level they become more professional. Before you color correct your video, first take your time and get to understand the tool better. This will help you learn how to go about it and get to know which color suits your video best.

Importing movies from DVD to iMovie

Importing Movies from DVD to iMovie

This is an excellent trick especially for a student that is doing a project and wants to add footage from a movie that is on a DVD. iMovie is not so clear about this trick, because this program cannot import directly. For you to be able to import you have to download a free program called Handbrake. The program will help you to efficiently import your movie.

Project Finalization

Project Finalization in iMovie

It is important to finalize your iMovie project once you are through with it. This makes it easy for you when you want to upload it to the output video or the internet. iMovie is unclear about what happens after finalizing your project because after you have finalized, you won’t be able to see any of those files that you had worked on. When this happens, a lot of people panic and they think that their project is lost. As long as you do not make any edits to the already finalized project, your project is safe and you will be able to use the video however you want. In case you need to make some edits, you still have to re-finalize after you are through. iMovie should be clear about this trick so that a person can know whether to finalize a project or not.


Ducking in iMovie

Ducking allows iMovie users to reduce the audio level on all your audio tracks that are competing with other selected tracks. There are different kinds of tracks that can be added to videos. The problem comes when the user needs to quickly lower the audio of some of the tracks in order to avoid the tracks from competing with each other. If you have a specific sound track that you wish to be the loudest in a certain part of your video you have to first select that clip. Then go ahead and turn on the ducking feature. If you do not select the clip, you are not going to get the results that you want.

Multiple Audio Tracks

If you need to add multiple audio tracks to your video, you first have to add the songs to your project and when you do this ensure that the track goes under your video track on the timeline. After the track is underneath your video track, right click on the track where you wish it to start and select the split cut option. Where you want the music to end, repeat the process. Afterwards delete the parts that you do not want. Most people find adding multiple tracks to a project very difficult, but if you follow the above procedure, it becomes so easy.

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