This is thanks to the folks over at iDB who wrote about IMIUI. We just downloaded and installed the theme and it’s overflowing with the juiciest colors you can ever imagine.

IMIUI is a new iOS 6 Winterboard theme that looks like it could possibly dethrone ayecon. If you know ayecon, it was that theme that revolutionized the look and feel of iOS 6. Instead of the plain old icons and colors, ayecon did a complete overhaul of the iOS with focus on icons, panels, buttons and everything.

This theme, the IMIUI, seems to do the same thing. And the most interesting part is that the theme is really colorful, really amazing and has some really good specs on it.

IMIUI Winterboard Theme for iPhone

First off, you’ve got all the controls like in most other professional themes. You can choose to activate specific things about theme and keep the rest deactivated via Winterboard. There’s a lockscreen theme, a clock widget for the lockscreen, status bar theme and of course the base theme which configures the icons. Beautifully, may I add.

You get to enable/disable a few things here and there (through Winterboard) but that’s about all that’s required. The theme replaces the icons with the stock and it’s really well-designed. Still, I’ve got my reservations: look at the App Store icon. Damn. Look at the Cydia icon. Well, that’s not a good way to brand your logo. The rest of the icons are awesome, though. I’m lovin’ it.

The whole theme seems to be working good without any glitches although it does seem to have a tiny little impact on battery performance. Otherwise, it’s as good a theme to have as ayecon or any other top-level, completely stock theme that’ll change the look and feel of your iOS.

Interestingly, the theme has been called out for its similarities to flat-UI (although I assure you, it’s not flat). It’s more of a juicy mix of good colors, good iconography and not to forget, good design principles. The interface works smoothly.

Right this moment, IMIUI is free. But it’s not on any public repo.

To get IMIUI, you need to add this repo: and then install the IMIUI theme from it. The theme is compatible with iPhone 5 too and comes with default wallpaper packages that’ll add the necessary zing to the theme.

Grab it before they start charging for it! (I hope not, but I wouldn’t be sad if they did. The theme deserves to be a paid one).