There’s no official word yet but hey, we think that Apple’s iMessage is getting clogged again. About two tweets about “iMessage not working” are popping up every second as I type this.

Just about a couple of days back, we had iMessage go berserk for almost 5 hours, affecting a small percentage (but a huge number) of people using iMessage. Looks like that trouble is back again, haunting several users on a Friday morning.

If your iMessage is not working, don’t freak out or go mad. It looks like an outage (so it’s not specific to your iPhone alone).

iMeesage Outage Header

The Trouble Continues
iMessage and FaceTime had issues two-three days back. Those services stopped functioning normally for unknown reasons although Apple was quick to at least identify the problem. However, it took about 5 hours to fix it and get back up and running.

Back then, it was reported that a small percentage of the users got affected. That small percentage would run into several million users actually.

Uproar in Twitter
As of this writing, Apple’s System Status page hasn’t got anything weird noted. All services are in the ‘green’ looking hale and healthy but we know that iMessage is actually not working for a ton of users.

The uproar on Twitter makes us think that this outage right now is affecting a lot of people. It’s not isolated obviously.

What Can You Do?
Since it looks like a network/server-side outage, you can’t do anything about it. We’re hoping this time Apple does a better job than before but there’s no guarantee to that.

That’s probably one of the reasons why you should choose WhatsApp.