This is not the first time but Apple has confirmed that the iMessage and FaceTime services got hit yesterday and didn’t work for what seems to be at least a few hours.

Between 12 PM (PT) and 5 PM (PT), iMessage servers were down resulting in a lot of people not being able to send or receive iMessages. If you were one of those affected by the outage, you should probably check now. According to Apple – and we can confirm this now – iMessage and FaceTime are back on track and working normally.

iMessage Outages Aren’t New
There have been a lot of times in the past when iMessage outages have occurred. In most cases, FaceTime is also hit. An outage usually lasts for a few hours. That’s what happened this time too.

iMeesage Outage Header

Apple has been quick to indicate the issue on the system status page.

All services are now back to normal so you should be able to send and receive iMessages. Just in case your iMessage isn’t still working, you can either give it some more time or check out our post on fixing iMessage issues.

A Percentage of Users: How Much is That?
TNW reports that about 250 million users are on iCloud. I would wager that several million users are using iMessage (and FaceTime too now that the 3G floodgates have opened). So a small percentage of that would still mean a few million users.

At the end of the day, if you’ve got a SIM-activated iPhone, you would have been able to switch to text messages. For other users who use iPod Touch or the iPad (Wifi), the outage must’ve been a hard time. The total outage lasted about 5 hours.