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At £40, you don't expect much from a small and unassuming speaker dock built for the iPhone and iPod. But it's surprising to see how far the iLuv Stereo Speaker Dock (iMM 289) can go.

We got a chance to review one of the many mid-range iPhone 4S accessories that iLuv produces. This one was the iLuv Stereo Speaker Dock built for iPhone 4/4S and iPods. We tested the speaker dock not just for its audio quality but overall design, portability and charging capacity.

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iLuv Stereo Speaker Dock for iPhone 4 and 4S

1. Build, Design and Compactness

iLuv Stereo Speaker Dock Back

The iLuv Stereo Speaker dock – the iMM289 – is compact. I think there's a difference in being compact and being small. Going by most speaker docks, the iLuv might appear small but really, it's mid-sized and compact.

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The designers have done a good job in making the whole accessory look beautiful. The circular speaker dock goes well with both the black/slate and white/silver gadgets. There's nothing overly simplified or stunning about the design: it just recedes into the background while offering a very clean look.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

The dock stands are smart. It's easy to fit them onto the dock and with the stand, you can tilt the dock 90-degrees to get a landscape orientation on your iPhone/iPod in case you're watching a video.

2. Audio Quality, Separation and Limitations

While I did not expect much in the form of audio fidelity, the iLuv Stereo Speaker does deliver excellently for a mid-level performance. Now, obviously, this compact dock cannot work in a large party hall but for a bedroom, a small office or by the table in your kitchen/drawing room, the iLuv stereo speaker does perfectly well.

At full volume, there's a little jarring in some high-volume songs but you can set that straight with EQ. What felt good was that the audio was crisp even if not well-separated. The quality is quite good for indoor, casual listening.

Given the price-tag, I think it's a good deal that iLuv makes for its users.

3. Charging & Portability

The thing is highly portable and that's the coolest part about this dock. Portability is tantamount for a dock that looks compact. The iLuv Stereo Speaker that we got is really truly portable and amazing for that matter.

The 5W charging is constantly on so your iPhone or iPod gets charged continuously. Switching the power button on the dock does not switch off the charge.

4. Best Use

The best-use scenario for this dock is casual listening in your home. The dock won't output music, say, from the bedroom to your drawing room but within the confines of one room where the dock is stationed, it is pleasant, smooth, crisp and everything in between that one would expect from a stereo speaker.

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You can buy it from LoveCases.co.uk

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Jignesh Padhiyar is the founder of iGeeksBlog.com who has a keen eye for news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around iPhone and iPad.

  • Andy

    We have this iLuv imm 289 speaker dock and it used to work with our iPhone 4s with iOS 6 but when we upgraded to iOS 7, the dock won’t output sound from the iPhone, just some static noise. Our other iPhone 4 with iOS 6 still works perfectly with the dock. Is there any way to fix the problem with the iphone 4s with iOS 7 to work with this dock? We have tried rebooting the iPhone, turning it off and then on while connected to the dock but still no luck to get it to work. Any help would be most welcomed.

    • A lot of people are complaining about this issue actually. Other docks aren’t working either. We’re looking into it.

      the meanwhile, can you try resetting all settings (Settings ->
      General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings)? This will reset all
      sound, display, Wi-Fi and other network settings but might fix the
      issue. Call up iLuv if this doesn’t work. Apple doesn’t seem to be
      addressing this issue at the moment.

      (Note: try updating to iOS 7.0.2/3 and then check again)