It’s amazing how smartphones have changed the way our world works. You can do a lot of things using your iPhone and one of the coolest things is controlling the lighting in your house. Gadgets like Phillips's Hue and ilumi Smartbulb are captivating pieces of technology where you can control the hue, brightness and color of the lights in your house just by tapping on a few buttons on your iPhone.

On today’s deal, we’ve got ilumi LED Smartbulb for you at just $79 (12% off on the retail $90). ilumi's LED Smartbulb is a cool piece of gadget you can flaunt around your house. It can last about 20 years and is 5 times more energy efficient than a regular bulb! Check out more features of this smartbulb:

Buy ilumi LED Smartbulb

ilumi LED Smartbulb Features:

  • Easy 1-step installation
    ilumi LED Smartbulb works just like a regular bulb. You just screw it in the socket and it just works! You can then connect the bulb to your iPhone (app) via Bluetooth (4.0, Low Energy).
  • Millions of colors: one bulb, millions of colors
    The ilumi LED smartbulb can be set for a wide range of colors. Depending on your mood, you can go from bright colors to muted hues. The whole spectrum of colors is at your disposal. That’s about a million colors to choose from.
  • Control a group: Bluetooth LE Mesh
    You can control just one bulb or multiple bulbs. But it gets even better. You can control all the smartbulbs at once or selectively alter the values for each bulb you have in your house.
  • Alarm-based, scheduled lighting
    Wake up to a pleasant hue in your room with a feature that lets you schedule the smartbulb from your iPhone. You can even have the bulbs turn off at scheduled times.
  • Scene snapshot
    Like a particular hue? You can save it so that you can get the same hue / brightness setting with a single tap. More like saved presets.
  • Vacation auto-switcher
    Not at home? You can time the bulbs to switch on/off at regular intervals to make it look as if someone’s home.

All this at just $79 (usually priced $90).

You can grab the ilumi LED Smartbulb (A 21) here right away. (offer ends on October 28th)

TeslaThemes WordPress Theme Lifetime Account

We’ve got another deal on offer today. This is for WordPress website managers / designers / developers. If you work with WordPress themes or got a website which runs on WordPress, here’s a deal you should definitely check out.

Endless Premium WordPress Themes

TeslaThemes has over 25 professional, cool-looking WordPress themes up for grabs with their membership package. Annual membership costs $69/yr but for the same price (of $69), you can actually get a life-time plan at TeslaThemes!

Some features:

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  • PSD originals for customization
  • premium support (via forums and email)

The lifetime membership is priced at $345 and the annual membership usually costs $69/yr. But this is a deal we’re talking about.

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