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There are quite a bunch of programs like iLike – powerful, feature-rich iTunes-replacements/alternatives that help you manage content on your iPhone/iPad/iDevice – but iLike is probably the closest to being the best alternative to iTunes.

For those who are tired of iTunes (or where iTunes doesn’t work correctly), iLike could be your best bet. iPhone/iPad users who need a perfect software tool to manage, optimize and transfer files (music, photos, videos etc.) which acts almost like iTunes but is not – iLike is your perfect companion.

iLike iPhone and iPad App Review


At its core, iLike is much more than a file transfer or manager for your iPhone. It works to clean up your iPhone and get rid off temporary files, caches, cookies and all those failed-sync media that occupy a large chunk of space. In fact, this one reason is valid enough to keep iLike and use it occasionally.

The best use of iLike comes when you use it frequently to clean up stuff on the iPhone. A host of temporary, cache and cookie files get stored over time. All of this is small but across a small period of time, the total collection becomes large enough to eat up some space. iLike will help you clean these up.

File Explorer

iLike is also a powerful file explorer for those who are inclined to dig deep into the iPhone/iPad. Obviously, that’s risky but there are those of us who like to tinker with the file manager. There’s a plethora of file managers and iLike provides a simple interface but it’s quite perfect.

Transfers, Backups and More

While tooted as File Transfer, iLike actually lets you export all data (music, photos, videos, apps etc.) from your iOS device to your local storage. This is more like a backup option but segregated, this means you can individually access the content from the local storage on your system.

iLike also comes with backup capabilities – you can create backups and explore iTunes-backups.

iLike iPhone and iPad App Review

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  1. And now it’s on Does anyone know if they have fixed the uninstall that leaves a unremoveable hook on windows based PC’s?

    • What do you mean? I just came across iLike and this article and have been contemplating installing it. Could you please be more specific with your comment? Thanks :)

      • It leaves some hook attached to iTunes that, even after you uninstall it, will pop up whenever you plug your phone in, asking if you want to download the app. I emailed them asking how to uninstall it, and they responded with “Sorry. Maybe we release new version sometime with this function.”

        • Thanks for your reply, Andy! For a $50 app, you’d think they would be more inclined to better serve their customers! I’m glad I waited for your reply and didn’t download it.


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iLike iPhone and iPad App Review
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