iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy App Review

iKeyMonitor iPhone and iPad Monitoring App

iOS 13 is expected to empower the Screen Time feature to offer more advanced parental controls. However, if you aren’t impressed with Apple’s offering and wish to have a better alternative to keep a close eye on what your kids are doing with their iPhone, there is a smart option. iKeyMonitor iPhone app is worth giving a try.

Now you may wonder what sets iKeyMonitor apart and how it safeguards children’s online presence? This is exactly what we will answer in this review. You will find enough information that will allow you to take the best decision.

iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy App Review

Standard Logging Features

iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy App Features

iKeyMonitor iPhone spy app is a monitoring app that can function well on iPhones as well as iPad. Once it is installed on the concerned iOS device, it allows the users to keep track of SMS text messages, call history logs, keystrokes, screenshots, GPS locations, website visited, and social chat messages on WhatsApp, and Facebook, Skype, Instagram and lot more. You can view the logs without logging into the online account as it sends monitoring logs remotely through emails.

Advanced Monitoring Features

This app has both – common features as well as advanced features like listening to phone surroundings. With these features, you can keep track of all your kids’ actions on the iPhone. It also allows you to set multiple safe and forbidden zones which aids in protecting kids through GEO-fencing feature which is present in the app.

Some of the apps on which you can track using iKeyMonitor are WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Line, Wechat, QQ, IMO, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Hike, Telegram, Odnoklassniki, Gmail, KakaoTalk, and Zalo.

It also has the feature to access the photos and videos of the iPhone on which it is installed. You can also block the apps with flexible time rules.

iKeyMonitor Customer Support Review

Customer care is known for its 24/7 live chat support. When you encounter a problem in the app, the professional technical team will try their best to solve your problem.

It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work on your iPhone after their support staff isn’t able to resolve the problem.

Customer Support Options include Live Chat and Ticket/Email.

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Parental Control: Keep Children Safe Online

iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy App Users

The Internet raises a host of dilemmas for modern parents, as it is their duty to understand the issues their children will face online. There are software solutions like iKeyMonitor spy app which helps in protecting children in the online world.

Here are the three significant aspects where iKeyMonitor provides protection:

  • Stop Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is deeper than casual teasing, and the outcomes are dangerous. The recent cases involve an online element. It is the online threat which can be tackled by watchful eye and attention through iKeyMonitor
  • Check Sexual predators: The sexual predators are a nightmare for parents. When parents use iKeyMonitor spy app on the iPhone of their children, they can easily find out whether any online sexual predators are trying to get in touch with their children
  • Online safety: Internet-connected devices can breach the privacy of children on online platforms. The online platforms are hacked, exposing the names and birthdays of children which the hackers can further use to exploit the children. iKeyMonitor enables the parents to have a check on all such activities so that they can ensure that children are always safe online from such hackers and predators

That’s all, folks!

Price: $49.99/a Month

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Wrapping up:

iKeyMonitor certainly addresses the concerns of today’s parents about their children’s safety using iPhones. Given the features and peace of mind it offers, the app isn’t free. But the good thing is that it does come with a free trial to have your hands on it and experience its usability. So, give a try and make your choice.

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