iFonebox iPhone Data Recovery Software to Recover Your Valuable Data from iPhone, iTunes or iCloud

The entire world is driven by data; whether it’s alphanumerical, video, audio, images, a simple text or email, a simple text message, call history, events stored in calendar, reminders, bookmarks on browsers, voice memos, attachments, contacts and more.

Can you imagine your digital life without the above listed data? If, on one fine day, you will have to undergo hellish pain to bring those valuable items back to your iDevice.

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iFonebox iPhone Data Recovery Software

As a smart user, your first step would be to connect your iDevice with iTunes or iCloud to bring your data back. But what if you haven’t restored your data for the last seven or fifteen days? There are very few users who regularly take backup using iTunes or iCloud.

Thankfully, there are some tools that can help you restore the data. iFonebox is one of the best and easiest iPhone/iPad/iPod data recovery software. It is a professional data recovery tool to recover lost & deleted notes, contacts, messages, WhatsApp, photos/videos (from iTunes Backup), etc.

This powerful software works in three different methods: it recovers data from iDevice, from iTunes and from iCloud. Moreover, it can work with Mac and Windows computers as well.

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Before you get started, download this tool from iFonebox site.

Now let’s explore how this tools works on your iDevice and on iTunes and iCloud.

Data Recovery from the iPhone and iPad

Life is all about beautiful and ugly accidents you meet; while beautiful ones are etched on our hearts, ugly accidents teach us a lesson not to repeat any mistake. Losing our data from iPhone, iPad or iPod can be one of those ugliest mishaps. iFonebox can help you recover the lost data from your iDevice.

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With iFonebox, you can recover your contacts, messages, call history, notes, calendar, reminders, WhatsApp and Safari bookmarks by scanning and analysing the devices.

Download this software on your Mac or Windows PC. Open iFonebox and connect your iPhone with your computer. Now, click on “Recover from iOS Device” option from the header, where other two options are also available: Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup.

Now click the Start button and choose any related data from Text Data and Media Data option. You can recover your Contacts and Notes directly on your iDevice, while other data can be recovered on your PC.

Data Recovery from iTunes

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After connecting your iDevice with your computer, iFonebox will recognize your device (provided it should be opened on computer). Now from the header, select Recover from iTunes Backup option. The software will list all iTunes backup files from which you can select the one that has your lost data; click “Select” to continue.

iFonebox will scan your data in iTunes; time to scan the data depends on the size of the data in iTunes backup. Once the scanning is completed, you can see the preview and choose the lost data you need back; now click “Recover to PC”.

Data Recovery from iCloud

Like iTunes, you can also utilize your iCloud backup for your iPhone or iPad. However, unlike iTunes, you don’t need to connect your iDevice to your computer to get the backup of your lost data; just ensure that you have activated iCloud earlier.

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From the top menu, click on “Recover from iCloud Backup” and sign in with your Apple ID and password. Once you signed in, select a file that stores your lost data to download. On pressing Download button, a new window will open with two main options: Text Data and Media Data. Below each option, you will see name of the data you wish to download. By default, all names will be checked by the software.

You can uncheck the files you don’t want to download, and hit the press button. Now download and scan data from iCloud backup. The software will start scanning the data; post scanning, you can see the preview (as you could see in iTunes backup recovery process) and then click to recover your lost data.

Please note that if you want to recover data from your iTunes or iCloud, you need to have restored the data on the two services of Apple. If you are working on highly sensitive data, it is advisable to take daily backup on your iTunes so that you can recover from there.

iFonebox has its own advantages you can avail of. The software is updated and with its latest version, you can also download your WhatsApp attachments and messages; for WhatsApp lovers, it’s a must! Apart from this, several bugs have been fixed so that your Jailbroken devices can also function without any hitch.

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Price: Free Trial, Windows: $45.95, Mac: $49.95
Download iFoneBox

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