Last week, we wrote about Facebook cover creator apps and one of the entries was iFB Cover, a promising new app for the iPad that leverages the large display to let you create amazing cover pics for FB.

Your Facebook cover is one of those areas where you can show all your creative spirit. Designers and illustrators go to lengths to create stunning wall covers but those who aren’t adept at handling Photoshop and Fireworks don’t have to bother: there are some cool apps that will let you explore your creative side with pre-made templates that you can edit.

iFB Cover is one of those apps.

iFB Facebook Cover App

Simple, feature-packed and kind of an amazing app for newbies and others who want to put up something cool instead of just plain old images.

Facebook Cover iPad App iFBFB Cover Page iPad AppFacebook Cover iPad App

So, we took some time off and decided to let ourselves loose on the app so we could create some covers. Of course we never quite got to putting up Facebok covers but it was an interesting experience nevertheless.

iFB Cover iPad App Features. We Said it’s Feature-packed.

Obviously, the app is feature-packed. There are these basic templates to start from:

  • Wall Ready: nothing to customize: interesting templates that just fit in. Looking for some creative, interesting and high-quality images (with text peppered on it) to go as your Facebook cover? This is where you start. There’s a small collection of wall-ready images (and I hope the devs keep adding to it)
  • Embellish: take the wall-ready images to the next level. Overlay some cool text, add font styles and smileys.
  • Photo Collage: the best is to start here. Ready-made templates with empty spaces where you can fit your photos. You can take pics or select ones from the gallery (camera roll or elsewhere). There are enough templates to try out.
  • Craft Your Cover: This is total freedom although you will have to be quite creative with a sense of design aesthetic to create really amazing covers. No harm trying though. Let your mind run free because there are enough customizable features here.

Ready to try iFB Cover? It’s currently free (which is great!) and works only on the iPad.

Video Walk-through of iFB Cover Page App for iPad

Download iFB Cover