iDoctor for Mac: Remove Junk, Optimize Performance, Protect Your Mac

iDoctor for Mac

As compared to Windows PC, Mac is generally more secure and competent. However, it’s not completely immune to disease just like any other man-made product. If not taken care of properly, Mac won’t be able to deliver the goods. To be more precise, its performance won’t match the reputation it’s known for.

Though you can easily offer the basic care to your Mac and prevent unnecessary files from making life difficult it, you may require providing your computer special treatment if uncompromised security to your sensitive data and top notch performance are on top of your agenda.

iDoctor Performance and Security Enhancement Software for Mac

Meet iDoctor which promises to be a super handy first-aid kit for your Mac. With several impressive features like the ability to enormously bolster the performance of your computer, offer the desired shield to your data, it’s made to be an exceptionally helpful personal assistant. Having given it a try for almost a week, here I’m ready to share my review with you…

Safeguard Your Mac from Threats

iDoctor provides not just safe browsing but also theft tracker protection which ensures your Mac has the needed safeguard to keep threats at bay. Whether your computer is online or offline your sensitive information remains secured.

iDoctor for Mac Theft Tracker Feature
Threat Protection by iDoctor for Mac

In the wake of rampant cyber crime and hacking, it’s imperative to offer the required shield to your data. If you want to have more defense for your confidential information, it will do a commendable job in providing immaculate security.

Restore Deleted Files

If you ever delete your important files accidentally, you won’t need to worry about losing them. It allows you to restore your deleted files with the desired convenience.

Restore Delete Files on Mac with iDoctor

I really appreciate this feature as it lets you bring your lost files to life without any pain at all. In other words, it provides you the assurance that all your stuff (even if you have got rid of them) are perfectly secure.

Quickly Get Rid of Junk/Redundant Files to Retrieve More Storage on Your Mac

iDoctor features “App Uninstaller” which lets you clean up unnecessary apps, related cache, preferences, and logs. There is “Quick Cleaning” tool that is equipped to remove redundant files safely.

App Uninstaller Feature of iDoctor for Mac

There is also “Duplicates Cleaner” which scans your Mac for unneeded file copies which you can get rid of to retrieve more space on your computer.

iDoctor for Mac Duplicate File Removal

Disk monitor shows hard drive usage. It provides you real insight regarding how space is being used on your computer.

Enhances Your Mac’s Performance

It lets you track the health of your Mac in order to have the right perspective about where your computer stands based on performance and what exactly you can do to get the best out of it. It’s a very helpful feature that can significantly enhance the performance of your Mac.

Boost Mac Performance with iDoctor

Want your Mac to boot up a bit faster? Simply select the items you wish to launch during startup and leave the rest for this tool to get the job done for you.

Subscription Plans

iDoctor for Mac Pricing and Subscription Plans

Depending on your need or convenience, you can choose the right plan for your Mac. While the basic monthly plan is available for $10.90, premium 12-months plan comes at $71.88. The standard 6-months plan comes at $46.14, while the premium 24-months plan is available for $95.76.

Wrapping Up!

iDoctor is a highly efficient tool that offers the required care, complete safeguard from threats, keep your sensitive information protected and most significantly; boosts the performance of your Mac. What’s more, the 24/7 support provides just the ideal help you would want to resolve any stubborn issue.

Throughout the test, I found iDoctor up to the task. It delivered the goods without any compromise. Not surprisingly, my Mac has begun to run more smoothly than ever before. Having said that, everything boils down to your priority. If you can afford to go with the subscription plan, it’s easily one of the best assets for your computer.

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What’s your take on iDoctor? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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