iDeviceManager: The Swiss-Army Knife for iPhones and iPads (PC-only)

Apple wants the user to have a hassle-free experience on the iPhone but at what cost? No file managers. No way to export emails. No way to download SMS messages. Not even a simple way to use your iPhone as a storage system?

Obviously, Apple’s motives are different so that’s that after all. But with a few tweaks and software, you can almost do everything that you want to do on the iPhone.

For file management, you have iFile. You have software like i-Funbox for being able to download SMS messages. And then a few other tweaks and software to do the isolated things that you’d normally not get to do on the iPhone.

But what if one software could do all this and more? Here’s what we’re talking about: iDeviceManager.

iDeviceManager looks every bit like a fantasy software. It’s best described as an all-in-one tool for the iPhone, iPad and other iDevices. As an example, here’s what it is capable of doing:

  • Music Manager: one of the worst things about media on iDevice is that you’ll need to use iTunes to sync and extract the songs. Even then, it’s hard work. iDeviceManager can actually help you find (search) and download music, video and other media from your iDevice to your PC.
  • SMS, iMessage & Email Exports: With iDeviceManager, you can export all conversations over the Messages app or via email (and even Whatsapp). The export is in a friendly and native look so you can follow conversations just as you’d on the iPhone/iPad.
  • Contact Management: Have you struggled managing contacts on the iPhone or via iTunes? I guess the interface that iDeviceManager provides will be far less taxing and tedious. Incidentally, features like individual ringtone assigning etc. are taken care of well by iDeviceManager.
  • File Manager: Okay, this is where it gets best. Tired of all the apps that convert your iPhone/iPad into an external storage but don’t do the job perfectly? Well, give iDeviceManager a shot because that seems to be a solution that’s near-perfect.

iDeviceManager is available only for Windows users (8, XP, Vista and 7).

Download iDeviceManager

Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is the founder and editor-in-chief who takes care of audio, visual, and textual contents uploaded on He is passionate about wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.
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