iPad Mini is the latest creation of Apple that comes with a horde of new technologies and features. Don’t go by the name of this iPad. Though it is named as mini, yet it is no less in functionality than the general iPads.

It is like having everything in a small package – ultrafast wireless connection, iSight camera, FaceTime HD camera, A5 chip, HD video recording, eye-catching display and everything else. iPad Mini is an iPad in all aspects except that it is a little smaller in size.

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This thinner and lighter iPad has the capability of offering you the latest service of iCloud. This advanced technology is integrated in the apps thereby giving you the privilege of accessing your content from any device. Hence, you can now stay updated all the time, no matter where you go.

iCloud Setup on iPad Mini

The Different Apps Featuring iCloud Service

iTunes – Take Your TV Shows, Movies and Music Wherever You Go
Do you really know when you will like to hear your favorite music or laugh away to the hilarious sitcoms or watch your favorite classic movie again? You don’t. But now with iCloud technology, iTunes can automatically download all new musical tracks to all the devices no sooner than you tap on Buy. You are free to access even the past TV shows, movie and music from any of the devices. All this is done wirelessly; no need to sync.

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Documents – Begin the Work Here, Complete It There
As you know, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac and iPhone offers you the marvelous opportunity of creating amazing presentations and documents. The integration of iCloud provides additional advantage of keeping your work updated across all your iOS and Mac devices. No need of saving your files in some special folder. Your documents are saved in the apps together with the recent edits. So, now you can begin working on your documents in iPod Touch and finish the same in your iPad.

Safari – Just the Beginning of Browsing
iCloud can keep the Reading List and bookmarks updated in all your iOS devices. On the iCloud Tabs, you will get to see all the websites you have opened either on your Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. You are free to pick up the browsing from the very point where you have left it. All the web pages are perfectly saved by Safari.

iBooks – The Book which You Never Need to Put Down
iCloud gives you the facility to read your favorite book wherever you want, provided you have one iOS device with you. Just as you purchase a book from the iBook store, it automatically gets shared in all your iOS devices through iCloud technology. Start reading the book from your iPad and complete reading it on iPod Touch.

Photo Stream – Take a Snap and It Will Reach Everywhere
With this app, you get the option to see a snap of yours on all the devices after it is taken in one iOS device. If you import any photo to your PC system, iCloud immediately sends a copy of that to your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. No file transferring, no syncing, no attachments.

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Author: This article is written by Donna Jones. She is a gadget lover and shares the new features she discovered from any new gadget like iPad Mini. She also gives advice to her readers to get in touch with online iPad technical support while using the iPad.