iCloud Safari Tab Not Working on iPhone or iPad? Possible Issues and Fixes

iCloud Safari Tab Not Working on iPhone or iPad

Only one thing changed with iOS 7: where you find iCloud tabs. Almost every other feature about Apple’s advanced bookmarking/tabbing across connected devices (via iCloud) remains same.

Still, after you upgrade to iOS 7, you might face a couple of issues with iCloud tabs. One of the most common problems is iCloud tabs not showing up across your devices. The other one is where one of the devices fails to show the iCloud tabs that you have open on one of the other connected device. Given below are some possible solutions/fixes for these errors.

Problem #1: Where’s the iCloud Tab Option on My iPhone?

In iOS 6, you found iCloud tabs neatly placed inside the bookmarks options/folders. While it did make things simpler, Apple changed the position of iCloud tabs in iOS7 which makes more sense. For all iOS 6 users, though, this change is a little extra process.

Solution: The answer is in the tab view. Press the tab icon on bottom-right and you should see all the tabs in a cascade view. Now, scroll down as far as you can and you will see that some text shows up. These are iCloud tabs open in the respective devices mentioned there.

On the iPad, it’s easier and remains pretty much the same: tap on the iCloud icon on the menu bar.

Problem #2: iCloud Tabs Don’t Show Up on My iPhone/iPad

One of the first things you are going to make sure is that all your devices are connected to the same iCloud account. And then of course, Safari is turned ON within iCloud. Here’s how to do that:

Solution: On every iPhone and iPad that you want iCloud tabs to be working:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap on iCloud
  • Make sure you are signed into the same account across all devices
  • Now, also make sure Safari’s switch is turned on. On all devices
Troubleshooting iCloud Safari Tabs on iPhone and iPad

When all this is done, make sure all your devices are also connected to strong networks. They don’t have to be on the same network.

Problem #3: I’ve tried them all. Still, no luck.

If you tried every trick up your sleeve but somehow, iCloud tabs from your iPad don’t show up on your iPhone (or any other device), chances are, you might have to go commando.

Solution: Try logging out of the iCloud account on your iPad and then re-logging in. Next up, try the same on other iDevices. Every time, make sure Safari switch is turned on inside Settings → iCloud and that there are no restrictions of any kind.

These should fix any issues you have with iCloud tabs on your iDevices.

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