iClever Himbox: Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for iPhone

iClever Himbox Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for iPhone

Relishing music while driving a car has a great fun! The joy of tuning in to your favourite music becomes even greater when you can also answer/receive calls with relative ease. Though you may be already doing the same, you may not be enjoying it that much without an advanced technology designed to let you do so with utmost efficiency.

iClever Himbox HB01 is the elegant car kit for boasting of the latest Bluetooth 4.0 for full speed transmission as well as low power consumption. With it your time on the drive will have an enviable experience. Sophisticatedly made to let you answer and receive calls hands-free besides allowing you to make the most of your music, it is a pretty versatile tool you may love to have on the go.

iClever Himbox Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for iPhone

Let’s find out more about what Himbox has in store for you!

AVRCP Technology

The AVRCP technology lets you control music with utmost ease. It is quite simple to fine tune your favourite music. Whether you wish to play, pause, previous song, next song or just stick to the same track, it is fairly easy.

Auto Connect With Last Paired Device

The car kit automatically connects to the last paired device. The Bluetooth technology makes everything ultra-convenient for you.

Hands-free Use

It allows you to answer and reject calls hands-free without having to take your phone. The technology makes sure you are having a hassle-free time while being on the drive. By quickly pressing the control button twice, you can call back the last outgoing call.

Himbox Car Kit for iPhone

Activate Siri with Control Button

You can activate Siri with control button and make the most of this unique feature even while you are on the go. Just press control button for one or two seconds and it is ready for you!

Magnetic Base

Magnetic base is easily detached from the controller. Unlike sticky gel, it is quite good at your job in use.

iClever Himbox Car Kit for iPhone

Dual USB car charger

The USB car charger allows you to charge two devices at once, So, you don’t have to worry about juicing up your power hungry device. The ports having 1amp and 2amp respectively are good enough to charge your device quickly.

Built-in Microphone And High Quality Stereo Audio Codec

The Bluetooth car kit has both a built-in microphone and a high quality stereo audio codec. They ensure you enjoy every moment of the drive without facing any inconvenience. The eco and noise cancelling technology make sure you don’t have any disturbance related to traffic.

Make Sure Your Car Stereo Has 3.5mm Aux-in jack

You must make sure your car stereo has 3.5mm Aux-in jack if you wish to use this technology. You can also add Bluetooth connectivity to a loudspeaker without Bluetooth functionality for home entertainment.

The Himbox is a highly recommendable tool and more significantly, an impressive utility everyone would like to have while being on the go. Available at just $29.99, it is a smart bargain. Let your time on the drive be conveniently cool with this car kit!

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