iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac: Reliably recover your data

iBoysoft Data Recovery software for Mac

Lost important files for your work, school, or personal life? Want to effectively retrieve your deleted or lost files with ease? iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is here to help; no matter what type of file you lost or how you lost it, iBoysoft can dig it up.

Ready to learn how you can download and use it? Let’s get started.

iBoysoft Data Recovery: Overview

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery is great if you’re looking to recoup a lost picture or word doc, but its uses extend further than simple recovery.

Maybe your MacBook is running slower than usual after downloading new software, or perhaps you sit down for work only to find your MacBook not turning on

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac can help recover files from an unbootable Mac which can’t boot up after a factory reset.

You can recover thousands of lost file types from flash drives, SSDs, SD cards, and more. Best of all, iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery’s easy-to-use UI makes it a no-hassle, no-headache process.

How to use iBoysoft Data Recovery on Mac

Download iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery by following the link to their website and clicking Download & Recover. Once it’s finished downloading, drag it to your Applications folder. Run iBoysoft Data Recovery.

Download iBoysoft Data Recovery on Mac

Grant iBoysoft access to your HDD when prompted, then restart your Mac. Run iBoysoft Data Recovery again and you’ll see the drives storing data for your Mac. Select the drive you want to recover lost files from and click Scan in the bottom right.

Select the drive you want to recover on Mac

Let iBoysoft work its magic and check back when the timer indicates.

iBoysoft Data Recovery Scanning process

Once the scanning process completes, you’ll see a list of files able to be recovered. You can sort these files by folder path, type, and time. Upon finding the file(s) you wish to recover, select them and tap Recover in the bottom right corner.

Tap Recover in iBoysoft Data Recovery software on Mac

Note: If you click on certain file types (such as images) you’ll be able to preview the file before recovering.

That’s all there is to it!

iBoysoft Data Recovery Features

Here’s the brass tacks:

  • Recover thousands of file types including: DOC, JPEG, PNG, PDF, AVI, MOV, MP3, MP4, EXE, JAR, and many more.
  • Recover from multiple drive types: HDD/SSD, USB Drive, SD/Memory card, etc.
  • Fully compatible with M1 chip Macs
  • Read-only access to your drives (meaning iBoysoft will not change existing data or input any new data into your device’s memory)
  • Recovery from encrypted APFS drives

What more do you need from a data recovery service? iBoysoft checks all the boxes and then some.

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery Software: Our verdict


User interface
Value for money

We think iBoysoft Data Recovery is a solid app with a clean UI and a hefty but fair price point. After all, can you really put a price on recovering corrupted work documents, or worse, lost photos from your personal life?


  • Recover thousands of file types from a number of different drive types
  • Easy to use
  • Able to recover files from encrypted APFS drives
  • Read-only access
  • Quick scan times


  • Higher-end price point
  • Limited free version

Price: Free (Premium plan starts at $89.95/month)


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