Thousands of users who had updated to iOS 7 had been asking just one question: why is Apple not revamping the design of iBooks. Well, good news: Apple finally launched a totally redesigned and revamped iBooks for iOS 7 today.

The new redesign brings a lot of cosmetic changes and a new iBookstore that takes its cue from the iTunes and App Stores (which makes things very familiar). Not to forget, the new iBooks app works very smoothly.

iBooks Updated for iOS 7

Ever since iBooks was introduced to the iOS ecosystem, a lot of users have become hardcore users of the app. And that’s not very surprising considering the level of integration and ease that iBooks provides readers. On Apple’s ecosystem consisting of Macs, iPads and iPhone and iPods, users are very comfortable with iBooks.

iBooks Update for iOS 7

The changes in the new iBooks are largely design-oriented. Don’t worry: the flat design hasn’t gotten rid of the “page flip” animation so you still have that part of skeuomorphism alive. But overall, the iOS 7 theme of design helps you get more screen real-estate for more words on the page and less distraction in the form of bars (for the menu controls).

Revamped iBooks for iOS 7

Most important change of all – at least, according to me – is the library. There was just too much detail in the old iBooks interface (Library). The new design removes everything and puts, instead, just a flat design. No stacking, no shelves and no additional detail that’s just overbearing on the eyes.

User reaction hasn’t been completely inviting though. For fans of flat design, the changes are good (or good enough?) but there certainly seems to be a lot of users who think the redesign is cold and boring. Not to add any commentary here but I think the new design just works good. Apple’s thing about getting the interface out of the way seems to have been applied religiously in iBooks’s redesign.

Apple also updated iTunes U for an iOS 7 look.

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