iBooks Not Syncing Between iOS 7 and Mac? Here’s How to Fix

As noted by many people, Apple truly screwed up iBooks post iOS 7 and Mavericks. One of the pressing issues that a lot of users faced (and continue to face) is with the sync. Especially, iBooks sync between iOS devices and Mac. If you run into iBook sync issues on your Mac (Mavericks or older), this post might be of some help. We’re primarily looking at sync issues between iOS 7 devices and the Mac through iTunes.

iBooks Not Syncing Between iOS 7 and Mac? Here’s How to Fix

Let’s Get the Basics Done First.These are just to make sure sync is enabled in the settings.

On your Mac, open the iBooks app and:

Step #1. Go to Preferences -> General

Step #2. Make sure Sync bookmarks, highlights, and collections are checked.

Connect your iPhone/iPad (where you have the iBooks collection) to your computer and:

Step #1. Fire up iTunes and click on your iPhone/iPad shown on top-right of the iTunes window.

Step #2. Click on the Books tab.

Step #3. Make sure Sync is enabled/checked.

Step #4. Let iTunes sync (or manually sync your iDevice to iTunes). This should put all the books into iTunes.

Now, let’s fix issues.

One of the first problems you’d see is that Mavericks’s iBooks app does not show you all the books in your original collection. If the books are downloaded/purchased via the bookstore, it shows up fine but if not, there’s a really good chance that those won’t show up.

To fix this, you have to do just one thing. Move them from iTunes. Here’s how:

Step #1. Open the iBooks app on your Mac

Step #2. Click on File (menu)

Step #3. Click Move Books from iTunes…

Step #4. Wait for all books to be transferred. In the case of a large collection of books, it might take a while before all your books show up on the iBooks library.

Users note that when you move books from iTunes, it creates a separate library.

Als,o check out the basic tutorial on syncing iBooks between all Apple devices here.

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