My iPhone gets down to 20% a lot quicker these days. I know it’s because I test a lot of stuff on it but after a point, I put it aside and go about my work. Naturally, I forget to charge it and right when I might need to use the iPhone, it’s about to die.

Forgetting to plug in the iPhone to a charger is not uncommon. For a lot of us, this happens way too often than we’d like to admit. It’s not that big an issue but what if the solution is just a simple free Mac/Windows app?

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iBetterCharge is a tiny software that runs from your Mac/PC and tells you when your iPhone is running out of charge. The only thing you need to do is make sure your iPhone and the Mac/PC are connected to the same network.

Review iBetterCharge for Mac and Windows

At work, you use a computer. At home, too, probably. And when you are using the computer, you are most likely not looking at your iPhone frequently. This kind of thing happens often when you are working intently on something that drives your attention away from the iPhone.

That’s when the chance of your iPhone’s battery going under red is high. The ideal thing would be to keep the iPhone plugged at all times. With iBetterCharge, you don’t have to remember all that.

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iBetterCharge runs from the taskbar. It monitors the iPhone’s battery and alerts you when it’s low. There are some little advantages to this.

  • iBetterCharge can monitor multiple devices at once. You can just add as many devices as you want.
  • The app can be configured to send you an alert when the battery is at 5%, 10%, 20% or 50%.
  • The app will show an alert that you can’t miss, play a sound to accompany the alert.
  • As an aside, iBetterCharge will also play a sound and tell you when the iPhone is fully charged (when you have it plugged to the computer)

iPhone Low Battery Alerts So That Your iPhone Doesn't Die

iBetterCharge is totally free. Download and run the app and never let your iPhone die when it’s urgently required (for a call, FaceTime or Skype).

Go to the official website to pick your download (Mac/Windows)

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