iBeacons is one of the newer technologies Apple introduced to iOS last year. At first, it seemed like a remote feature that would not make much of an impact (or would be a subtle addition), but new analysis points out that iBeacons has improved sales and interaction by many times.

A recent survey/analysis conducted by inMarket, a company that helps brands implement iBeacons and connect them to the brand’s apps, indicates a 19x increase in product engagement. That’s a huge change and a very positive one at that. One can say, to a certain extent, that iBeacons could be changing the face of targeted advertising.

iBeacons Increase Engagement and Interaction

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When we wrote about iBeacons (we were already late to the party), we did have some reservations about how successful the technology would become. For starters, the “intrusive” element was something that you couldn’t overlook. You walk into a store with iBeacons installed and all of a sudden, your iPhone flares up with a lot of notifications: not exactly a great user-experience.

But iBeacons does have a ton of other facilities that could trump this UX fall. For instance, you can be notified of coupons or deals of the day just by strolling into the store.

Hundreds of companies around the globe have since implemented iBeacons into their brick and mortar stores. Businesses with existing iPhone apps have a head start. iBeacons work in tandem with iPhone apps.

The research from inMarket comes from data of existing iBeacon implementations across their client portfolio and the results are amazing. A 19-fold increase in product engagement and a 16.5x increase in app usage/engagement is almost impossible to achieve through traditional modes of marketing. iBeacons definitely seem to have a ton of advantages tagged to them.

Although it’s easy to think that the biggest benefit of iBeacons if for the stores/brands, an entire ecosystem is being affected positively. Most notable participants are the consumers. With iBeacons, Bluetooth LE and your iPhone, you can not only find the right product at the right price when you walk into a store, you can also discover a lot of new things better with the help of the app and the geofence.

iBeacon sensor developers too get to have their share of the advantages.

Source: 9to5Mac