According to a survey by 451 Research, it looks like iWatch might just be as ‘wanted’ as we thought.

A lot of comments keep flying around saying ‘who needs an iWatch?’ and some of them point to the obsolete nature of watches. But you know, beneath all that, we think – especially after the interest shown in Pebble – that there is a strong chance of iWatch actually being a revolutionary thing.

The survey appears to have been conducted amongst some 1700-odd North Americans. Out of those polled, about 19% are shown to be likely-interested in buying the iWatch. Now, that might look like a small number but when you extrapolate the data, it so happens that Apple might just be hitting more than the usual 1% of the market-share that they aim for.

iWatch Release Date in 2014Survey Reveals iWatch will Face Huge Pre Launch Demand

Of the 19%, about 5% are strongly looking ahead for the iWatch.

In comparison to the iWatch’s expectation, Apple’s iPad and the Intel Mac (2005) stood at about 18%. If these data are anything to go by, you’d probably have guessed by now that the iWatch stands a chance of topping the charts, selling several million units and possibly causing a revolution in wearable tech.

But having said that, it all boils down to iWatch features and the perceptible value of the ‘cool’ factor that’s declining amidst Apple products. Apple is no longer the young and retro company that it once was. This is a generation that’s had an onslaught of Samsung gadgets too along with a plethora of others. We’ve also been hearing that Samsung’s working on a smartwatch too so the competition is going to be quite tough. Especially if Samsung does the Ace-trick with the smartwatch too.

There’s absolutely no data about iWatch release dates as yet but some analysts claim that it might be ready for an early 2014 launch.