Hudway Glass

What was introduced as head-up display (HUD) for fighter pilots or maybe for pilots of commercial air crafts, has now found a widespread usage in routine journey from home to office and weekend getaways.

Head-up display is now increasingly used by drivers to avoid accidents caused by atmospheric conditions like rains, fog, dusk, heavy snow and darkness.

Hudway GlassEarlier, we have dealt with this topic when an app was launched by RIT LLC. HUDWAY iPhone app makes your drive safe with a cool HUD display. Once you download and install the app, HUDWAY displays the data on the iPhone screen which gets reflected on the windshield –¬†making it look like a HUD.

But now Hudway Glass, which is funded with Kick Starter, has come up with a unique glass that gives you a crystal clear picture of what is coming up next on roads.

The HUDWAY Glass

HUDWAY Glass Display for Car

With HUDWAY Glass, you can easily turn your smartphone into a head-up display. This simple accessory removes many problems connected with projecting an image into a windshield; normally, on your car windshield, you get a larger image, which doesn’t get reflected properly during day time. After using HUDWAY Glass, potential customers, dealers and retailers echoed a positive response. And this has boosted the confidence of HUDWAY Glass team.

What goes into the making of HUDWAY Glass?

HUDWAY Glass is available in aspheric shape, and made of plastic lens of low fragility. It is lightweight and therefore, it causes less damage on your smartphone or the dashboard of your car. The curved glass ensures clear view of road without least distortions. To enhance the reflective properties of HUDWAY Glass, it is coated with a thin multi-layered coating; this preserves its transparency and provides a perfect view that is not obstructed.

How HUDWAY Glass works

HUDWAY Glass works on a simple technology: the glass allows user to use any head-up display app on any smartphone both in poor visibility and on a clear day. The HUDWAY Glass is compatible with any HUD app on any smartphone running on Android or iOS. The glass creates a bigger picture, approximately 20% larger image of the roads. The glass is made with such a transparency as it produces a clear road view for driver. And the same image can be seen in any visibility during day and night.

Is it difficult to use HUDWAY Glass?

Not at all. In just three simple steps, you are good to go. Take any smartphone to start an app supporting HUD mode. Put your smartphone in the cradle with its display facing up. And you are done!

Recommended apps compatible with HUDWAY Glass

#1. HUDWAY App

HUDWAY app is specially created to assist drivers while driving in low visibility conditions on rural or remote roadways.


#2. Speedometer

Speedometer app is also developed by HUDWAY Glass. This app sends alerts to driver when he exceeds the speed limit for the given road. The app is not available as of now.

#3. Navmii

Whether you are driving on your familiar routes or on international territories, Navmii app can guide you through the zigzags of maps. Just ensure the region before you download the app.

Download Navmii

#4. Sygic

It is a GPS navigation app powered by TomTom Maps. Plan your routes well in advance and get free updates and high quality maps from TomTom Maps.

Download Sygic

#5. Baidu maps

Baidu maps is the most popular navigation app for China.

Download Baidu

Find more navigation apps in Apple AppStore by searching HUD.

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