HRCF Awards Apple 100% in Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ Inclusion

Even as sales of Apple devices continue to decline, the brand Apple is winning the hearts of people. Human Rights Campaign Foundation's (HRCF) gives Apple full marks in the Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ equality and inclusion.

Apple scores 100% in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s (HRCF) annual Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ equality and inclusion.

According to Apple, the rating is given on the three criteria:

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  1. Non-discrimination policies across business entities
  2. Equitable benefits for LGBTQ workers and their families
  3. Supporting an inclusive culture and corporate social responsibility.

Average Corporate Equality Index Rating is 67%

HRCF gives this rating on the drafted policies of companies included. These policies incorporate everything from same-sex partners of employees, who are qualified for health care coverage. Companies should also ensure LGBTQ inclusion in diverse supply chain programs.

The average Corporate Equality Index rating was 67% among the Fortune 500 companies. From the top 20 companies, 13 secured 100%. These companies are:

  1. Walmart Inc
  2. Apple Inc.
  3. McKesson Corp.
  4. UnitedHealth Group Inc.
  5. General Motors Co.
  6. AT&T Inc.
  7. AmerisourceBergen Corp.
  8. Inc.
  9. Cardinal Health Inc.
  10. Walgreen Co.
  11. Kroger Co., The
  12. Chevron Corp.
  13. Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae)

Notably, Berkshire Hathaway, a leading Apple investor, refused to complete the survey and therefore, was awarded a score of just 20% based on its policies.

According to HRCF, there is minimal additional costs for any company to achieve a perfect Corporate Equality Index score.

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“Competitive employer-provided benefits’ packages are critical to attracting and retaining talent and ensuring LGBTQ-inclusive benefits to employees and their families is an overall low-cost, high-return proposition for businesses. In addition, equitable benefits structures align with the principle of equal compensation for equal work. Apart from actual wages paid, benefits account, on average for approximately 31.5 percent of employees’ overall compensation (BOL 2016). Therefore, employers have amended many benefits structures to ensure that this valuable bundle of benefits is equitably extended to their workforce, irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Most employers report to the HRC Foundation an overall increase of less than 3.5 percent of total benefits costs when they implement partner benefits and marginal increases related to transgender-inclusive health care coverage (i.e. a fraction of a decimal point of cost calculations).”

HRCF has noticed a positive change, which is seen among people, who are not LGBTQ personally, but they actively take part in promoting equality and diversity. This could be possible because of companies have recognized Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to help companies ensure inclusive policies and cultures.

“Employees who do not identity as LGBTQ themselves, but are invested in equality and workplace inclusion are increasing their numbers within ERG ranks. While ERGs’ mission statements are specific to LGBTQ inclusion, more and more, allies are encouraged to join as membership is not limited to those who are LGBTQ but open to all supporters of equality. Of those companies with an officially recognized LGBTQ employee group, 97 percent reported being expressly for allied employees also. ERGs have embraced allies as members of the full LGBTQ community, as allies bring their own unique voice and vantage point to workplace equality.

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The profile and impact of an employee resource groups is greatly enhanced by an active executive champion for the group. Ninety-six percent of employee groups rated in the CEI are sponsored by an executive champion. A majority (57 percent) of executive champions identify as allies, while 34 percent reported being openly LGBTQ.”

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Although Apple is facing slow iPhone sales in the current year, the company has won the hearts of consumers. Apple has regained its number #3 position in Fortune 500 rankings.

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