iOS 7's latest feature that we came to know of is the camera zoom. So far, you cannot zoom “in” when you are in the video mode. This is a missing feature in all iOS versions till 6.x. With iOS 7, Apple has fixed this problem.

We took a quick look and found that many people still do not know that you can zoom “in” in the video mode through a variety of other solutions. The solutions are all in the form of apps which let you record high-quality videos and also provide the option of zooming in.

Here are some very popular and effective solutions to Zoom in the Camera App on iPhone When Recording Video:

How to Zoom in the Camera App on iPhone

1. Video Zoom 2

Video Zoom 2 iPhone App LogoVideo Zoom is perhaps one of the very first apps that allowed video zoom. Interestingly, the app has almost everything you'll need in a video recorder app. Video Zoom 2 has a 30fps recording capability even with zoom on. Here's a sample video that shows an iPhone video recording that zooms in. The app used in Video Zoom 2.

Price: $0.99
Download Video Zoom 2

2. Zoom Recorder

Zoom Recorder iPhone App LogoZoom Recorder takes the principle of zoom and adds a few other features to make a compelling app. Besides the default zoom feature that can be controlled via slider / button controls, the app also offers flashlight support, auto-focus and auto-exposure, and an iOS-like four-thirds gridline. Unfortunately, this version supports only portrait mode recording. You can of course record landscape videos but you might have to turn them around using a movie software on your Mac/PC.

Price: $0.99
Download Zoom Recorder

3. MoviePro: Advanced

MoviePro iPhone App LogoFor those who want to go a little further, MoviePro is a complete package of a wonderful, powerful and full-feature camera app. With this app, you can not only zoom in but also pause a video recording, use the volume controls for recording/pausing and much more. In fact, it's a real pro version that has almost every feature you want. Even when you upgrade to iOS 7, this app will have more features than the stock camera app that comes along.

Price: $2.99
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