How to Use Safari Zoom to Make Content Larger for Webpages on Mac

To make it a bit easier for your eyes to view content, you can choose to zoom in on all or specific webpages in Safari on your macOS device. Jump right it to try out this handy feature!

Some webpages may feature a bit small content. Thus, it may not be convenient for our eyes to spot the text or other stuff that’s displayed on the page. And this is where Safari’s really handy feature called “Page Zoom” comes into the play.

You can use Safari Zoom In to make the content look bigger for individual or all the websites on your Mac. The web browser offers multiple options, ensuring you are able to get the perfect zoom level for an enhanced reading experience. Let’s dive right in to give it a try!

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How to Zoom In and Out on a Webpage in Safari on Mac

Make Content Larger For Specific Websites in Safari on macOS

There are multiple ways to zoom in on Safari webpages on Mac:

If you frequently use a site and want to fine-tune it for comfortable reading, check out a couple of options given below:

  • Click on the View menu bar and choose Zoom In. Now, the content of the webpage will become larger. (Later, if you want to zoom out, click on View menu bar and select Zoom Out.)

Zoom in on webpages in Safari on Mac

Zoom Out on webpages in Safari on Mac

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  • You can also click on the Safari menu and choose Settings for This Website. Now, hover over the cursor on the Page Zoom % and then click on the drop-down menu. Next, you need to choose from several available options.

Click on Settings for This Websites in Mac Safari Manu

Make Content larger for a specific website in Safari on Mac

The web browser will save the zoom level, allowing you to view content more conveniently on this site.

Sticky note:

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  • There is also an option to use the pinch open gesture on the trackpad to zoom in on any web page. It’s pretty simple and works reliably. However, it’s temporary and you will have to do it every time you want to enhance your viewing.
  • One thing worth noting is that Safari also offers you the option to make only the text larger or smaller. To get it done, just click on View menu. Then, you need to press and hold the Option key and select Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller. If you wish to read text comfortably, it would be the way to go.

Customize Zoom In On All Webpages Automatically in Safari on Mac

Step #1. Open Safari on your Mac.

Step #2. Now, click on Safari menu and choose Preferences.

Click on Safari menu and choose Preferences on Mac

Step #3. Next, select the Websites tab and choose Page Zoom.

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Select Websites tab and choose Page Zoom in Mac Safari Preferences

Next, you must first remove all the sites, which you have configured. Otherwise, the result won’t impact these sites. To do so, simply select all these configured sites and hit Remove.

Select all websites listed under Configured Websites then click Remove

Then, click on the drop-down button next to When visiting other websites and choose the desired zoom level.

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Customize Zoom In on All Webpages Automatically in Safari on Mac

Now, quit the setting and the result will instantly come into effect.

There you go!

Wrapping Up…

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As I like reading articles, it’s undoubtedly one of my favorite Safari features. To me, the best part about it is the desired control it offers. Thus, it’s easy to customize web pages for much-improved reading.

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