How to Zip and Unzip Files Using Files App on iPhone and iPad

The stock file manager app for iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 has made it incredibly simple to zip and unzip files. Follow along to discover how to compress and uncompress files.


For easy transportation of a set of large files, zipping is the go-to option. The top-notch efficiency, along with lossless data compression is the prime reason why it’s the most widely used archive format.

Beyond efficient data compression, zip also plays a vital role in saving storage space or keeping many files perfectly organized within a single file. Considering the significance of this archive file format, I’m glad to know that the stock File Manager app for iOS and iPadOS now offers a straightforward way to zip and unzip files on iPhone and iPad.

Yeah, I do think that Apple should have done it much earlier given how pivotal it is for managing files. But it’s always better to rectify shortcomings than never. With that said, let’s get started with the quick steps!

How to Zip and Unzip Files on iOS 13 and iPadOS

Compress Files Using the Files App

Step #1. Open the Files App on your iPhone or iPad.

Open Files App on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Now, head over to the set of files you want to zip. Then, touch and hold over the folder.

Tap on Folder you wish to Zip in iOS 13 Files App
Step #3. Next, choose Compress in the popup menu that appears on the screen.

Zip Files Using Files App on iPhone and iPad
That’s it! All of your files will be compressed and stored in a separate folder.

Well, if you think that the zipping process is pretty simple, let me tell you that the method for unzipping isn’t complex either.

Uncompress Files Using the Files App

Step #1. Launch the Files app on your iOS or iPadOS device.

Step #2. Now, go to the zip folder in question and touch and hold over it.

Open Zip Folder touch and hold to Uncompress Files in iPhone or iPad
Step #3. Next, select Uncompress in the popup menu that shows up on the screen, and you are ready to go!

Unzip Files Using Files App on iPhone and iPad

I mean the task is done now. Your files have been unzipped.

A Must-Have Feature for the Files App…

Slowly but steadily, Apple has vastly improved the stock Files app. Of course, it is still not as versatile and intuitive as some of the best third-party file managers out there. But it’s more than good enough for managing files with the desired flexibility.

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